Arkansas Energy Independence

Arkansas Energy Independence

Homeowners in Arkansas are wiping out their power bills and gaining their energy independence.

How? With simple, affordable solar.

As costs for electricity and natural gas continue to soar, and inflation steals even more of your hard earned money, going solar is a smart investment.

Keep reading to learn more about how to take control of your home energy.

Owning Your Energy Saves Money

Did you know homeowners in Arkansas with solar can save more than $41,000 over the lifetime of their system? According to SolarReviews, the savings range from $41,000 – $51,000!

Better still, until the end of 2022, homeowners who install solar can recoup 26% of their costs. Simply by claiming the solar investment tax credit on their income tax returns.

Think 26% isn’t much of a savings? If your system cost $31,000, you’d save $8,060!

So what’s the catch? You have to own the solar energy system, and it needs to be installed prior to December 31st of 2022. After that date, the credit drops, and will cease altogether in 2023.

Solar means savings and energy independence, and cleaner electricity for your home.

Energy You Own is Healthier for Your Home

Homeowners in Arkansas likely are already aware of the risks of natural gas. Not to mention that the cost of heating or cooking at home with natural gas means getting gouged as rates skyrocket.

But there’s a third, lurking issue from using natural gas at home.

A study from the Rocky Mountain Institute showed that when we cook with natural gas, the air in our home becomes less healthy. How much less healthy? Using a natural gas stove in your home increases the risk of nitrogen dioxide by more than twice a level considered safe.

Heightened NO2 can lead to health issues including asthma, worsened risk of lung infections, and negatively impact the heart.

Making the switch to clean, renewable energy means a healthier home, in addition to a fuller wallet. 

Solar is Energy You Own

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