Electric vs. Natural Gas in Arkansas Homes

Electric vs. Natural Gas in Arkansas Homes

Looking for a way to save money on your energy bills in Arkansas?

Natural gas prices across Arkansas are at a 14 year high. If you’re one of the vast majority who use natural gas to heat, cook, and take a hot shower at home, you’ve likely felt the pinch of higher natural gas prices. 

Even homeowners saving with solar in Arkansas won’t see the savings they could if their homes aren’t all electric.

Keep reading as we cover reasons you might have to take the leap to an all electric home.

Natural Gas at Home in Arkansas

For years, homeowners who powered their homes with natural gas would note the cost savings as their main reason for not switching to electric.

But homeowners across the natural state are seeing less of their hard earned money as natural gas prices continue to skyrocket.

Even the argument that you can save using gas appliances at home doesn’t hold up. Today, electric appliances generally have better efficiency ratings than natural gas options, and natural gas and electric appliances have the same expected lifespan on average.

Saving with natural gas just doesn’t pan out anymore.

The good news? Arkansas homeowners can switch to all electric appliances at home pretty easily. Most homes will already be wired and ready to connect to the local power grid. If you already have older appliances, going electric when it’s time to replace them can see you recouping the cost from that switch sooner.

The main downside to this switch is on the side of safely disconnecting natural gas from your home.

In order to make sure an old gas line attached to your home doesn’t leak and become a safety hazard, natural gas companies require homeowners to pay to cap the line.

Natural Gas and Health at Home in Arkansas

Most folks in Arkansas are familiar with the term fracking. That makes sense: Arkansas does produce natural gas used across the South and Midwest.

As you may know, the process for extracting natural gas has some serious risks. Those include things like chemical spills, degradation of the water supply, and overuse of public water sources in areas already at risk for droughts.

Even after a fracking site is closed, those natural gas wells can continue to leak gas.

But we’re all pretty aware of the risk associated with drilling for natural gas. Less well-known is the impact natural gas use in the home can have.

A recent study from Rocky Mountain Institute found that cooking using a gas stove can produce higher than safe levels of nitrogen dioxide, and has been linked to a variety of respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

Just wanting to fry up some catfish shouldn’t mean risking your respiratory health.

Add to that the risk we already know (if for no other reason than its signature rotten egg smell): carbon monoxide poisoning from natural gas in our homes. 

Why Are Arkansas Homeowners Going All Electric?

There’s a simple reason: electricity in the home is overwhelmingly safe, and can save you money.

But did you know that when you go all electric at home, that means you can take advantage of technological advancements in home appliances.

Whether that’s by switching to efficient and fast induction stovetops decreasing, and on-demand, tankless water heaters meaning endless hot showers, electric appliances can use technology to adapt and save homeowners even more.

Then Why Hasn’t Everyone in Arkansas Gone Electric?

Better safety and efficiency, increased cost savings, and access to technological advancements. So why isn’t everyone in Arkansas switching their home over to electric?

Most of the time, it’s likely due to the upfront cost.

Buying new electric appliances can be expensive, especially if you weren’t already at the point of needing to replace an older worn out appliance. If you live in a pioneer era house with an older electrical system, additional appliances plugging in may also require an upgrade.

But if you’re also planning on making other changes to your home, like installing solar, the savings you’ll see over the years will more than make up for the initial costs.

Make the Most of Electric Savings at Home

With higher savings and efficiency and better safety, all electric homes are the future in Arkansas. Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the savings that come with an all electric home?

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