Find Reliable Solar Installers in Arkansas

Find Reliable Solar Installers in Arkansas

There’s already enough solar installed in Arkansas to power over 66,000 homes!

That’s not surprising. Homeowners in Arkansas know solar means energy independence and savings on the electric bill.

But how can you as a homeowner make sure the solar installer you choose to go solar with is trustworthy and experienced?

Unfortunately in the Natural State, the growing solar industry also means plenty of inexperienced and even disreputable solar companies.

If you’re considering making the switch to solar and want to know how to do your research, keep reading. We’ll go over what things to look out for, and what a solar installer in Arkansas you can trust looks.

Solar Installers in Arkansas

So how are homeowners saving when they make the switch to solar in Arkansas?

When you have solar, you can stop renting power and gain energy independence to avoid rate hikes from greedy utility companies. That’s great news since many homeowners across Arkansas are seeing rates rise yet again.

Unfortunately, phony and unscrupulous companies in Arkansas will take advantage of a hardworking homeowner’s desire to switch to solar.

Inexperienced, untrustworthy, even fake companies will mimic or outright steal the talking points and marketing of real companies. Which can make figuring out who to trust tricky. 

At Purelight Power, we believe every homeowner should be treated with respect, and given honest and accurate information. So here are some key things to watch out for.

Beware of Shady Solar Company Tactics

So how can homeowners in Arkansas spot a phony solar company or scam when looking for someone to partner with? Here are some red flags to watch out for.

Pushy and Uninvited Outreach

Companies looking to just make a quick buck who aren’t interested in being part of their community. That means they’ll employ some pretty aggressive tactics. Even if it means burning bridges.

In general, be wary of companies going door to door trying to convince people to buy solar from them.

Those same companies might also be in the habit of purchasing lists of people to call to see if they can force a solar sale. 

If a salesperson shows up or calls unannounced what should a homeowner do? Politely say that you need to look into their company before going forward, or that you’re not interested.

Aggressive Sales Tactics

If a company is willing to use aggressive methods to get your attention in person, they’re likely going to continue that behavior right through selling you a solar energy system.

A solar company that’s trustworthy and safe to work with won’t need to force you. 

It’s in your best interest to choose to work with a company only if they provide you with as much information as you need to make your decision. Including explaining their policies, going over how the panels work with your home’s electrical, available tax incentives at the state and federal level, and letting you take the time you need to think about switching to solar.

If the solar company is being pushy and pressuring you, that sort of behavior is a red flag.

Mishandles the Contract

Solar is regularly the largest investment you’ll make in your home. As the homeowner, you should be respected and given the time you need to think about how that investment will impact your home before signing a contract.

So watch out if a solar company you’re talking to starts to push you to either start work without a contract in place, or tries to make you sign a contract the very first day you speak to them. 

A solar company worth working with should want you to be informed about what you’re signing. 

No trustworthy company is encouraging homeowners to make a major investment without due consideration, or without a contract detailing terms and warranties on the product and work.

Can’t show you photos of past installations

If a company is doing good work, they’ll be able to show you that. Not just talk about it.

From real customers talking about their experiences across social media and review sites, to showing off the great work they’ve done, you should be able to find proof that the company is installing solar. 

Purelight Power wants homeowners to feel comfortable choosing us to switch to solar. So we share installations and stories across Purelight social media to make it easy to do your research.

Signs of a Reputable Solar Installer in Arkansas

Now that we’ve covered what to look out for to avoid a bad solar installer, let’s look at what green flags mean you’ve found a trustworthy solar installer.

Your learned about them from a customer recommendation

Real customers can tell you best what it’s like to work with a solar installation company. So if you’re hearing from friends, family, or a coworker that they love the company they went solar with, that’s a great sign. 

That doesn’t mean you have to rely on the experience of others to know if you’re going to get the same great service and support.

Gladly shows you the contract and answers your questions

Any solar installation company worth trusting with your business won’t play games with the contract. That includes trying to make you sign the contract the minute you start looking into solar, or tries to say that you don’t need a contract in place to start installation.

Your solar installation company should be on your team. When they’re willing and able to walk you through the terms, answer any questions you have, and let you move at your own pace that’s a great sign.

It also means they not only know what they’re guaranteeing, but will stand by their terms, including warranties and guarantees.

Rave reviews about post-installation customer service

Solar panels today are rated to last at least 25 years.

So you’ll want your solar installer to be around to help long after installation. For instance, if you have questions about how to monitor your system, or need a repair after a storm.

Great companies have great customer service that’s responsive and supportive. Go ahead and look at reviews to see if folks were able to get the help they needed once their system was installed.

Knows about the current tax incentives available, and can explain how they benefit homeowners

Solar is a booming industry, which can mean folks starting companies to make a quick buck, not to support their community with energy independence.

You can make sure you’ll get the most out of your solar by looking for a company in it for the right reasons: making solar affordable for homeowners. Any company you go solar with should understand how net metering with your specific utility company works, and the ways state and federal level tax incentives can increase the affordability and savings of home solar.

If they don’t know how home solar works in your state, chances are they don’t understand how to help you save as much as you can.

Is Selling, Not Leasing, Solar

This is one of biggest green flags! Home solar saves you money because you get the benefits of electricity generated right on your roof. When you own your solar, you can wipe out your power bill, and your home’s value can increase by an average of 4% or more!

Owning your system allows you to get the highest return on your investment, and access tax incentives and rebates like the solar investment tax credit.

They won’t try to get you to lease a system from them because they know that a leased system isn’t going to save a homeowner money in the long run.

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