Can Solar Withstand Iowa Hail

by | Apr 4, 2022

Solar is making its mark among Iowan homeowners: Iowa already has 7,870 installations across the state! 

With the popularity of solar growing, homeowners considering solar in Iowa often have questions about how solar panels handle the weather in Iowa.

It’s a fair question since Iowa’s experiences everything from tornadoes and hail storms during the spring and summer, to blizzards in winter. 

Looking to make the switch to solar in Iowa, but nervous about how well your solar would withstand the weather in the Hawkeye state?

Keep reading as we look at how solar panels handle hail, snow, thunderstorms and more!

Solar in Different Climates

Contrary to what many people believe, solar can work in every state in the U.S., not just in the sunniest states.

This is because all photovoltaic solar needs is the light from the sun. When UV light hits the panels, it causes a chemical reaction that turns into electricity to power your home.

So does that mean solar needs to have constant bright light in order to produce electricity?

Nope! While solar panels produce most efficiently with direct sunlight, panels can produce energy even during overcast days. When the sun passes through the cloud, those clouds actually intensify the rays of the sun almost like a magnifying glass.

When Does Solar Work Best?

Surprisingly, solar actually is most efficient in cool, bright weather. In Iowa, that’s about half the days out of each month from November to February. Iowa is a prime location for solar because of this weather, which means your panels can generate a good amount of energy even when it’s cold out.

Still worried about getting enough sun for solar? 

In Iowa, homeowners who go solar and use net metering have an added bonus. During those summer months when the sun is consistently shining and your system is producing an excess of energy, you’re racking up credits. 

Homeowners can use those credits to cover any energy beyond what your panels can produce during those winter months, so you still don’t have a power bill.

next to an aerial view of a home with solar installed on the roof is a black background with the words "Does your roof qualify for solar?" in white and blue text. Below the text, on a blue button is white text that reads "learn more"

Solar in Stormy Weather

But how does solar handle the weather extremes Iowa sees? Can solar panels withstand snowfall, hail, or heavy winds?

If your solar panels are professionally installed, they can withstand storms of all kinds. 

Solar panels manufactured today are able to withstand hail falling at up to 50 miles per hour, and can withstand 112 pounds per square foot of snow. Plus the panels are intentionally installed at an angle to encourage snow to slide right off.

After the 2020 derecho, homeowners are more aware than ever how powerful the wind in Iowa can be. No need to worry. Modern day solar panels can withstand up to 140mph winds which is equivalent to a category 4 hurricane! 

With professionally installed solar panels that can withstand those kinds of winds, and with Purelight’s trio of warranties and guarantees, homeowners can feel confident that their systems are protected.

Weather-Proofed Solar with the Professionals

But how can homeowners make sure the solar they get installed is done correctly and weather-proofed? 

We have some helpful tips to choose a professional and reputable solar company!

One major thing to look out for is high pressure sales tactics. If you feel like you’re being rushed to sign up for anything, ask for some time to ask any and all questions you have, and to consider your options. 

Want to make sure the solar installer you’re looking to work with understands Iowa weather and climate? 

Looking at reviews from other customers on sites like Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau is a great way to hear about first hand experiences with homeowners where you live. See what other consumers are saying about their experience with a given installer, including customer service, and support once their system is installed. 

Finally, you should also verify what  a solar company offers as a standard level of customer support, and product warranties and guarantees. They should offer support post-installation, and standard warranties for work done, the system, and the degree of power your system will produce.

Purelight Solar Can Handle Iowa Storms! 

Ready to stop renting your power and save with solar? Our local solar experts are here to help you feel confident in making the switch to solar, whatever weather Iowa faces! 

See if your roof qualifies for our $0 out of pocket program today.

Go solar and start saving with Purelight Power today!

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