Can Solar Handle Hail?

Can Solar Handle Hail?

Solar is becoming more popular in the US every day. According to the SEIA, the US solar industry broke records in 2021 with a total of 23.6 GW (gigawatts) installed. Meaning there is enough power to power about 23.3 million American homes!  

With the prevalence of home solar growing, homeowners looking to go solar often have questions surrounding how solar panels handle the different climates around the US. 

Wanting to make the switch to solar, but not sure how well solar can withstand what mother nature has to throw at it in your state? 

Continue reading as we look at how solar panels handle hail, snow, thunderstorms, and many other kinds of weather! 

Solar in Different Climates

Despite what many people believe, solar can work in every state in the U.S., not just in states like California or Florida.

How? Because all photovoltaic solar (the kind installed on homes) needs is the light from the sun. When the UV lights the panels, it causes a chemical reaction that creates the electricity needed to power your home. Even during chilly winter weather!

But what about if your home is in a state where you’re not guaranteed constant bright light and sunny weather?

Solar panels will produce the most efficiency with direct sunlight, that’s true. But did you know that panels can produce energy even during overcast days?

As the sun passes through the clouds, that can actually make the rays of the sun even more intense, similarly to a magnifying glass. This is called cloud lensing, and means that for solar panels on a home, an overcast day can still mean plenty of energy production.

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When Does Solar Work Best?

Surprisingly, solar actually is most efficient in cool bright weather.

Which is lucky for states like  Montana, Oregon, and Iowa. Montana gets about 200 sunny days, Oregon gets an average of 214 sunny days, and  Iowa averages about 204 sunny days.

Each state sees sunshine for more than half the days out of each year. Plenty to make home solar a great investment. 

But what about the other 160 or so days? Since all three states get many kinds of storms, what happens during the inevitable thunderstorm, winter snow, or dreary rainy winter?.

Good news. Homeowners are still able to take advantage of solar, regardless of the weather, with net metering

Throughout those summer months when the sun is consistently shining and your system is producing an excess of energy, you’re racking up credits. 

Homeowners can take advantage of these credits to cover any additional energy beyond what your panels can produce during those winter months, so you still don’t have a power bill.

Solar and Stormy Weather

But how does solar handle the weather extremes Montana, Iowa, and Oregon sees? Can solar panels withstand snowfall, hail, or heavy winds?

If your solar panels are professionally installed, they can. Solar panels that are manufactured today are able to withstand hail falling at up to 50 miles per hour, and can withstand over 100 pounds per square foot of snow. 

Professionally installed panels are also intentionally placed at an angle to help the snow slide right off. 

Homeowners may be understandably worried about investing in solar given derechos in Iowa, blizzards and Chinook winds in Montana, or the changeable Oregon weather. However, because solar panels nowadays can withstand up to 140mph winds which is equivalent to a category 4 hurricane, homeowners in the Hawkeye state can feel confident in their investment! 

At the end of the day (even one that sees a blizzard) solar panels that are professionally installed can withstand wind, snow, and ice storms. With Purelight’s trio of warranties and guarantees, homeowners can feel even more confident that their systems are protected.

Weather-Proofed Solar with the Professionals

So how can homeowners make sure that the solar they get installed is done properly and is weather-ready? 

We have some essential tips to choose a professional and reputable solar company!

Want to be assured the solar installer that you’re going to work with understands your weather and the climate of your hometown? 

Looking at reviews from other customers on sites like Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau is a great way to see first hand experiences with local homeowners in your area. 

Check out what other local consumers are saying about their experience with a specific installer, including customer service, and support once their system is installed. 

Purelight Power Solar Can Handle Any Storm! 

Ready to go solar with no money down? Our local solar experts are here to help you feel confident in making the switch to solar, whatever weather your home may face! 

See if your roof qualifies for our $0 out of pocket program today.

Go solar and start saving with Purelight Power today!

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