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Net Metering and Home Solar: The Perfect Pair

by | Feb 14, 2022

Are you sick of your hard earned money going to line the pockets of greedy power companies?

Like many homeowners across the country, you might be considering ways to save money at home and have more control over your power. But how?

More than 2,000 homeowners have found a solution with Purelight: clean, renewable solar energy. Today, solar panels are more efficient than ever. Couple that with net metering, which allows homeowners a way to easily bank any excess power generated, and affordable solar power at home is a real possibility.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll take a deeper look at how net metering works with home solar, and why they’re the perfect pair to help homeowners save.

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How Does Net Metering Work?

Net metering, sometimes referred to as NEM, is a process that allows homeowners who get solar installed to make the most of their energy generation.

Electricity sent into your home for use is monitored with a meter usually installed on the side of your home. Net meters work similarly, and are usually installed right next to your original meter. There’s one major difference: net meters track the energy your solar energy system sends back to the grid.

This happens when your panels generate more electricity than you can use right then. 

Think of long summer days where the sun beats down. Maybe you’re at work, or off enjoying the great weather. Your home isn’t using much power, but your panels are generating a ton of electricity. Instead of going to waste, net metering lets you bank those hours of electricity and receive a credit.

Net metering works like this:

With efficient panels, your solar energy system can produce more energy than you need during a sunny day.

Using the same connection your home already has that sends electricity into your home from your local electric grid, the extra energy generated is sent back to the grid. On the way, it’s tallied by your net meter.

You receive a credit on your bill* for the energy you send back to the grid.

During shorter winter days, storms, or overnight when your panels don’t have the power of the sun to generate enough electricity to cover all your energy needs immediately, you can dip into those credits to cover the cost of any energy you do pull from the grid.

Regardless of whether you’re connected to a power grid managed by Pacific Power, PGE, NorthWestern Energy, Alliant or MidAmerican, you can use net metering to save. In Oregon, Montana, and Iowa net metering is actually protected by law for homeowners who go solar.

Net metering Saves

Let’s say you’re a homeowner living in Beaverton, Oregon and getting electricity from PGE. During the summer your panels regularly produce 20 kWh more every day than you need at home, that’s an extra 600 kWh you’ve banked with net metering in just one month!

At the rate of $0.06 per kWh for the credit rate, you’ll get a credit worth $36 dollars worth of energy during just one sunny summer month.

Doesn’t sound like much at first. But if November through January your panels were able to generate 75% of what you need each month, the banked credits kick in to cover the other 25%. If your normal power bill is $120/month during the winter, those summer months cover more than the extra $30 worth of power you’d need during the winter!

Through net metering, solar powers your home year round without needing to pay thousands of dollars to install a maintenance-intensive battery bank in your home.

*States outside of Oregon, Iowa, and Montana may have different rules applying to reimbursement.

Make the Most of Net Metering with Professional Solar

Net metering is just one part of what makes home solar such a great investment for homeowners across the country.

With any big investment, you want to make sure you know what you’re investing in. Which is why it’s recommended that homeowners get their solar installed with a reputable solar company.

“Purelight Power did an incredible job installing a solar system on our home. Even in the winter months we have had notable power production to help offset our power bill. All members of their team have been great to work with, and they do a great job of keeping the customer in the loop. Highly recommend.” -Zach L

With local teams across Oregon, from Medford to Portland, and serving the Des Moines, Iowa and Billings, Montana areas, Purelight Power is your expert for solar where you live. We design your system for where you live.

Alongside knowledgeable and expert service, we’re committed to a world-class customer service because we know how important your home is.

“Purelight installed the solar panels on my far rural farm. [They] did the primary installation masterfully in a single day. The system started generating power on the first day and was a pleasure to behold. There was a glitch when the power company inspected the system. Purelight took care of it (at significant cost) without charging me additional funds. They definitely stood behind their work. The people from Purelight were always friendly and respectful.” -Tom M

Save with Solar Today

Ready to invest in energy independence with clean, renewable energy right on your roof? Now is the perfect time to switch and see your power bill wiped out with solar and net metering.

Want to save even more? Find out if your roof qualifies for Purelight Power’s $0 down, nothing out of pocket program.

On a sunny blue background the words $0 down $0 out of pocket solar are written above a button that reads: qualify now. If you click on the graphic, it takes you to a form to fill out to see if your roof qualifies for home solar.

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