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Why Install Solar in Portland, Oregon?

Stop paying PGE or Pacific Power for utility rates that increase by at least 4.7% each year. There’s a solution that can help you save money, increase the value of your home, and costs $0 money down for homeowners in Portland.
Purelight Power is the leading solar panel installation company in Oregon – providing a stress-free, affordable solution for community members to go solar.
Contact us today and start harnessing clean energy from the sun. Solar energy benefits you and your wallet, not the power company.
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No Money
Incentives from Oregon and the federal government help homeowners afford the switch to green energy. Coupled with Purelight Power’s program, you can get an energy-efficient and solar powered home for $0 down. Stop paying more to rent your energy from the power company when you can own clean solar power.
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From Day One
Whether you’re in Beaverton or Laurelhurst, you can save up to 94% on energy costs. Imagine the things you can do with the savings you accumulate over the years – maybe box seats at Trailblazer’s games, or anything you want at Powell’s? Purelight can show you how to go solar and save!
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Add Value
To Your Home
Having access to clean, renewable energy easily makes your home more valuable. Imagine never paying for power again because you have harnessed solar energy to run your home year-round.
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Zero Out of Pocket
Portland Solar Program

Applications closing Sep 19th, 2022
  • Wipe out your power bill
  • Up to $40,000 in savings
  • ZERO out of pocket costs
  • $0 down payment


Takes only about 30 seconds

Oregon Solar Made Simple From Design to Installation!

With a simple 4-step process, Purelight Power ensures every homeowner in Portland can get affordable, clean energy installed with ease by one of the top solar providers in Oregon. Our team of solar contractors and professionals can quickly and expertly install your system, and show you how to easily monitor the panels.
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During the consultation, we show you exactly how much you’ll be saving on our Portland solar panel installation services based on your energy needs and let you decide if going solar is a good fit for you. No push, no stress.

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Design & Savings Report

With realistic renders, you’ll be able to see how your system’s design will look on your roof, and understand how it’s set up to maximize the amount you save.

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Our goal as a top-rated sustainable energy company for Portland is to take care of everything – from engineering, permitting, to inspections, you get to be stress-free during the process.

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Our experienced in-house installers are specialized in residential solar power. They’ll ensure your installation is quick and high quality. Once installed, we show you how to easily monitor your panels – you’ll feel confident in your new solar energy system.

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Let Us Help You Save Money!

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Why Choose Purelight as Your Solar Install Expert in Portland?

Our mission is to help Portland homeowner’s invest in sustainable energy with transparency, quality, and unparalleled value. No high pressure tactics, no stress – just high efficiency and maximum savings.
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Purelight Power is dedicated to transparency each step of the way, to ensure we build a long term, long lasting relationship with you: our customer and neighbor. From the very first, no-pressure conversation to the final post-installation check, we make sure you’re included in the process and understand everything that’s happening.
We strive to make your experience simple and easy. Purelight takes care of quotes, site audits, design, permits, and installation. No crossing the river ten times to file paperwork. – Purelight is dedicated to making your solar panel installation an easy process.
We only use industry leading solar panels and equipment. Every Portland homeowner we work with will see added value with a high-quality solar system and web-enabled monitoring system for easy tracking. Quality is central to everything Purelight Power does, from start to finish.
25 Yr Performance Guarantee
If the panels don’t produce as agreed upon, we’ll pay the difference.
20 Yr Panel Warranty
If your solar panels are not working at highest efficiency, we’ll fix or replace them at no cost to you.
10 Yr Workmanship Guarantee
All work conducted by our Purelight Power team is backed by our workmanship guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panels

As Portland continues to see rising rates from Pacific Power and PGE, the time to invest in a solar system has never been better – especially while Oregon & Federal tax breaks are in place to cut the cost. But these incentives will not last forever – dozens of states across the United States are attempting to end these programs to take away the financial benefit for homeowners going solar, and Oregon could be next. We urge our customers in Portland to act fast before these programs are taken away forever.
With utility rates increasing 4.7% on average each year, installing solar can truly wipe out your power bill. By combining your self-generating solar energy and the utility company’s net metering program, you can turn the tables and have the power company pay you. The higher your bill, the more you’ll benefit from switching to solar and owning your power.
Purelight creates a custom solar system design for each home depending on your energy needs that is engineered specifically for total home power. We can ensure we maximize production for your home year round, even during grey winters. To see what your solar energy system would look like, check out our free solar design.
Every Purelight Power solar energy system is created for the specific home. So the total investment in your system can’t be determined until your roof is analyzed by our Consultants. We make it affordable for Portland homeowners to go solar with nothing out of pocket and see savings on day one with state and federal savings programs, and Purelight’s zero down offer.
They do! Solar panels use direct and indirect sunlight – in full sun they’re more efficient. During the rainy, gray months of a Portland winter, solar panels still work with reflected or partially blocked sunlight. In a majority of cases, rain actually helps to keep your panels operating at peak capacity by washing away any dust or dirt.
It’s true that some of Oregon’s electricity is via hydroelectric dams. However, Oregon still uses natural gas and biomass-powered plants to create upwards of one third of the state’s electricity. In the Columbia Gorge, many groups have voiced concerns about the impact of dams on species and the river itself. As renewable energy moves Oregon towards a sustainable future, the time is now for Portland homeowners to gain their clean energy independence by going solar.
Switch to Solar Today & Save!

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