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Stop Renting Your Power From PGE or Pacific Power!
You Can Own Solar For Less Than Your Electric Bill

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Why Install Solar in Portland, Oregon?

Stop paying PGE or Pacific Power for utility rates that increase by at least 4.7% each year. There’s a solution that can help you save money, increase the value of your home, and costs $0 money down for homeowners in Portland.
Purelight Power is the top residential solar panel installation company in Oregon.
We help you to harness clean energy from the sun and save.
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Solar $0 Down
You can get an energy-efficient, solar powered home for $0 down. How? With a system designed for your home energy needs that wipes out your power bill. Add Oregon and Federal tax incentives to the mix, and homeowners save thousands!
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Save Day One
From Hillsboro to Happy Valley, homeowners who install solar with Purelight Power of Portland save up to 94% on energy. Those box seats at Trailblazer’s games? Yep, you can afford them thanks to your savings that start the day your solar turns on.
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Increase Home Value
Homeowner’s in Portland increase the value of their home by 4% or more when they go solar. Save more now, get more out of your investment later.
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Zero Out of Pocket
Portland Solar Program

Applications closing Jan 7th, 2023
  • Wipe out your power bill
  • Up to $40,000 in savings
  • ZERO out of pocket costs
  • $0 down payment


Takes only about 30 seconds

Simple Portland Solar Installation With Professional Design!

With a simple 4-step process, Purelight Power ensures every homeowner in Portland can get affordable, clean energy installed with ease by one of the top solar providers in Oregon. Our team of solar contractors and professionals can quickly and expertly install your system, and show you how to easily monitor the panels.
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Consultation starts your journey to solar. We’ll go over your current energy usage, and how much switching to solar can save you in Portland. We want you to go solar because you see the value. No push, no stress.

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Design & Savings Report

Once we understand how you use power in your home, we design your solar panels to meet that need and optimize the sunlight your roof receives. You’ll be able to look over the design, and understand how the solar panel configuration helps you save more.

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There’s a reason we’ve been voted the top solar installation contractor for Portland. We make your switch to solar simple–from engineering, permitting, to inspections, and support after installation. You get the perks of solar and savings, with none of the stress.

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Our in-house teams are professional solar installation experts, specialized in residential solar power. We ensure your installation is done quickly, and is high-quality. And after your solar is installed and turned on? Our Post-Installation team will visit and show you how to easily monitor your panels, so you feel confident in your new solar energy system.

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Let Us Help You Save Money!

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Why Choose Purelight as Your Solar Install Expert in Portland?

It’s simple: transparency, quality, and unparalleled value.
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You’re not just a customer. You’re a Purelight Homeowner, and our neighbor. From the very first, no-pressure conversation to the final post-installation visit, we include you in the process. No awkward surprises.
Purelight takes care of every step of a solar energy project. From quotes, site audits, design, permits, to installation, we handle the complicated bits. Going solar should be simple–which is what we strive for.
See your home increase in value with high-quality solar panels, and a web-enabled monitoring system for easy tracking. We know that solar is at least a 25 year commitment, so we only install top-of-the-line panels and inverters.
25 Yr Part & Production Warranty
If part of your system fails, or you drop below the production amount in your contract, we’ll make it right.
Power Production Guarantee
No need to worry whether or not your investment won’t last, we guarantee your system will produce as it’s designed to.
10 Yr Workmanship Warranty
All work completed during your installation is guaranteed for 10 years. You can feel confident in your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panels

As Portland continues to see rising rates from Pacific Power and PGE, the time to invest in solar energy has never been better. Especially while Oregon & Federal tax breaks are in place to cut the cost. With rates rising by as much as 14%, and climate change driving hotter, longer summers, homeowners in Portland can stay cool and save cash by making the switch to renewable energy.
With utility rates increasing 4.7% on average each year, installing solar can truly wipe out your power bill. By combining your self-generating solar energy and the utility company’s net metering program, you can turn the tables and have the power company pay you. The higher your bill, the more you’ll benefit from switching to solar and owning your power.
Yes! Purelight Power of Portland creates a custom solar system design for your home to meet your energy needs. Even in the dead of winter, with help from net metering, homes in Oregon continue to see solar energy savings.
Every Purelight Power solar energy system is created for a specific home. So the total investment in your system can’t be determined until your roof is analyzed by our Consultants. We make it affordable for Portland homeowners to go solar with nothing out of pocket and see savings on day one with state and federal savings programs, and Purelight’s zero-down offer.
They do! During the rainy, gray months of a Portland winter (and spring), solar panels still work. Even if the sunlight is reflected or partially blocked by clouds. Rain also comes with an unexpected perk of helping to keep your panels clean and working at peak efficiency when the sun shines.
While Oregon’s electricity is generated predominantly via hydroelectric dams, the state still uses natural gas and biomass-powered plants to create upwards of one third of the state’s electricity. Even more worrying, as Oregon continues to experience prolonged drought, there are concerns that hydroelectric power in the state will face the same pressures neighbors to the south are facing due to Lake Mead dropping.
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