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We Currently Provide Solar Installation
to All Oregon Cities Listed Below:
Ashland is a powerhouse for solar, and Purelight is proud to be a part of the change.
Ashland Solar Panel Installation
Homeowners in Deschutes County are saving thousands by going solar. Find out how!
Bend Oregon Solar Company
Purelight Power is helping Lane County residents save on their electric bills!
Eugene Solar Company
Grants Pass
Solar is hugely profitable for homeowners in Josephine County with the help of Purelight.
Grants Pass Solar Installation
Klamath Falls
Solar installation experts specializing in residential solar panels in Klamath Falls.
Klamath Falls Solar Company
Founded locally in Medford, Purelight is proud to serve the local community.
Medford Solar Company
We see you, Pendleton! Purelight is proud to serve the local community.
Pendleton Solar Company
With its excellent climate, Portland is the ideal location for solar power.
Portland Solar Installation
Douglas County is perfect for Pure Light Power to install your homes solar system in!
Roseburg Solar Installation
Purelight Power is proud to serve the Salem community and the surrounding cities.
Salem Solar Company
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Install Solar Today and Save!

Stop paying for outdated fire-causing grids while your utility bills increase every year – there’s a solution that can save you money, increase the value of your home, and costs Oregon homeowners $0 money down.
Founded locally in Oregon, Purelight Power is the top solar panel installation company in the state.
Start harnessing clean energy from the sun, and invest in a power source that benefits you and your wallet – not the power company’s.
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No Money
Incentives and rebates from the Oregon and federal governments, along with Purelight’s $0 program, are helping homeowners easily afford the switch to clean energy everyday.
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From Day One
With a new Purelight Power solar energy system designed for your home, you can save up to 94% on your current electricity costs. Imagine being able to enjoy more of Oregon’s incredible sights and activities with the savings you encounter each month.
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Add Value
To Your Home
Once solar is installed, homeowners across Oregon see the value of their homes increase at least 4 percent. A home with access to clean, renewable energy is valuable – for you, and for future buyers.
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Zero Out of Pocket
Oregon Solar Program

Applications closing Oct 23rd, 2023
  • Wipe out your power bill
  • Up to $40,000 in savings
  • ZERO out of pocket costs
  • $0 down payment


Takes only about 30 seconds

From Solar Design to Installation, We Make Solar Simple!

At Purelight Power, we use a simple 4-step process to work with every homeowner so they can get affordable solar power easily installed. Hover over each step below to learn more:

During your consultation with us, you’ll see what you can be saving with our Oregon solar energy installation services based on your unique energy needs. We let you decide if going solar is the right choice.

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Design & Savings Report

Using realistic renders of your home, you’re able to see exactly what your system will look like on your roof. We’ll make sure you understand how your system’s configuration is set up for the highest energy production and maximum savings.

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Purelight takes care of all of the paperwork and permitting so you can be stress-free during the process.

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Our install teams are local, specialized and experienced. We ensure your installation is quick and efficient, and show you how to easily monitor your system after the fact for utmost transparency.

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Let Us Help You Save Money!

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Why Are Oregonians Choosing Purelight Power For Solar?

Our mission is to inspire our world’s transition to sustainable energy with transparency, quality, and unparalleled value. No high pressure tactics, no stress – just high efficiency and maximum savings. Hover below to learn more about Purelight’s core commitment:
We want to ensure we build a long term, long lasting relationship with you: our customer and neighbor. No hidden fees and no sneaky deals – we make sure you are included and informed every step of the way.
Purelight is dedicated to making the solar panel installation process stress-free from start to finish for every homeowner.
We only use industry leading solar panels and equipment, rated to withstand your climate and circumstance. Every homeowner in Oregon that switches to solar with Purelight sees added value to their home with a high quality solar system and web-enabled monitoring.
25 Yr Performance Guarantee
If the panels don’t produce as agreed upon, we’ll pay the difference.
Power Production Guarantee
No need to worry whether or not your investment won’t last, we guarantee your system will produce as it’s designed to.
10 Yr Workmanship Guarantee
All work conducted by our Purelight Power team is backed by our workmanship guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oregon Solar Panel Installation

As Oregon continues its momentum towards a carbon-free future, customers can get stuck with the bill from power companies updating electrical grids that are already proving to be massive fire hazards. For homes with a suitable solar rating, the savings you’ll see by wiping out your power bill is worth installing solar panels. Oregonian homeowners have seen savings their very first month!
With utility rates increasing 4.7% on average each year, going solar is a smart choice to save money. By using the Oregon net metering program, you could spin your electric meter backwards and have the power company paying you. The higher your current power bill, the more you’ll benefit from switching to solar.
Purelight creates a custom solar system design for each home depending on energy needs, square footage and roof direction that is engineered specifically for total home power. For a specific system for your home, check out our free solar design – we can ensure we maximize production for your home year round.
Each system size is different depending on the factors of the home. Total investment in your system cannot be determined until your roof is analyzed by our Consultants and a professional design is drawn. With state and federal savings programs and Purelight’s zero down offer, Oregon homeowners are able to cut the cost of solar installation and go solar with nothing out of pocket and see savings on day one.
They can! Solar panels are most efficient with full, direct sunlight, but still produce with light that is partially obstructed by clouds or smoke. A perk of the infamous rainy Oregon weather is that it can actually help to keep your panels clean by rinsing away dust and debris.
Net metering refers to the concept of the power company paying you at a 1-to-1 rate for any excess energy you produce with your home solar energy system. Because of their high-rating, Purelight’s solar panels can have you producing more than you need during the first month. During times of indirect sunlight, you can use these credits from the utility to pull energy from the grid without paying for it. With solar and Net Metering, you can turn the tables on the power company and have them owing you. But these programs will not be around forever – many states are attempting to shut down these programs to take away the incentive of going solar. Homeowners need to act fact before Oregon is next.
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