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At Purelight Power, we are dedicated to offering our clients in Eugene top-quality solar panel systems and exceptional customer service. We only utilize the finest solar panels and provide a comprehensive installation warranty.
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No Money Down

At Purelight Power, we offer financing options that require no upfront payment. This allows you to install a solar panel system and start saving on your energy bills immediately while paying off the loan in installments over time

Save From Day One

You can see immediate savings on your energy bills once solar is installed. On average, homeowners who go solar can expect to save $500 to $1,000 annually on their energy costs.

Add Value To Your Home

Homes with solar panels are often able to sell faster and at a higher price than homes without solar panels and may see an increase in value of up to 4%. This is because solar panels provide a clean, renewable source of energy that is becoming increasingly desirable to homeowners.

Zero Out of Pocket Switch to Solar Program

Applications closing August 25th, 2024

  • ZWipe out your power bill
  • ZUp to $40,000 in savings
  • ZZERO out of pocket costs
  • Z$0 down payment

Takes only about 30 seconds

Solar Made Simple From Design to Installation!

Going solar with Purelight Power is straightforward, from design to installation. Here’s an overview of what to expect: 

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The process starts by consulting with one of our solar experts. During this meeting, we’ll assess your energy needs and goals and provide a rough estimate of the cost of a solar panel system and the potential savings you can expect on your energy bills.

Design & Savings Report

After the consultation, we’ll design a custom solar panel system for you and provide a detailed savings report. This report will include information about the size and cost of the system, as well as the expected energy production and savings over the system’s lifetime.


We’ll handle the permitting process for you, ensuring all necessary approvals are obtained before installation begins. We’ll also work closely with relevant agencies to ensure that your solar panel system is installed in accordance with local regulations and codes


Our team of experienced installers will take care of the installation process, ensuring that your solar panel system is installed correctly and efficiently.

Let Us Help You Save Money!

Why Choose Purelight Power For Solar in Eugene?

If you choose Purelight Power for solar installation in Eugene, you can trust that you are in good hands. Our team of experienced installers provides exceptional service and support. Hover below to learn more about Purelight’s core commitment:


We prioritize transparency and honesty in all our interactions with clients. There are no hidden fees when you choose us.


We make going solar as easy as possible for our clients. We handle all aspects of the process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.


We only use the best solar panels and offer a comprehensive warranty on all our installations. Purelight Power provides top-quality products and services to our clients.

25 Yr Performance Gaurantee

Our solar panel systems come with a 25-year performance guarantee, ensuring they will perform at or above their rated output for the duration of the guarantee.

Power Production Gaurantee

We offer a power production guarantee that your solar panel system will generate a certain amount of electricity over its lifetime. This ensures you’ll see the expected savings on your energy bills.

10 Yr Workmanship Gaurantee

Our installations come with a 10-year workmanship guarantee, so any issues with the installation will be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I install solar panels on my home?

As the US moves away from coal and other non-renewable energy sources, utility companies are sticking homeowners with the bill for expensive updates to the grid. If your roof qualifies for solar, it’s absolutely worth installing solar panels to wipe out your electric bill and save. Homeowners have seen savings the day they turn their solar panels on.

Does solar power really save on utility bills?

With utility rates increasing 4.7% on average each year, going solar is a smart choice to avoid losing money to utility rate hikes. When you’re generating power from the sun right on your roof and using local net metering policies, you can spin your electric meter backwards and have the power company paying you.

Can I use solar panels to completely power my home?

Purelight creates a custom solar system design for each home depending on energy needs, square footage, and roof direction that is engineered specifically for total home power. For a specific system for your home, check out our free solar design – we can ensure we maximize production for your home year-round.

How much will it cost to install solar panels?

Each system size is different depending on the factors of the home. The total investment in your system can’t be determined until your roof is analyzed by our Consultants, and a professional design is created. With state and federal incentive programs and Purelight’s zero-down offer, homeowners are able to cut the cost of solar installation and go solar with nothing out of pocket.

Do solar panels work in the rain?

Yes, solar panels can use both direct and indirect sunlight to generate power. During cloudy days, solar panels will continue to capture sunlight, even though they’re most efficient in direct sunlight.

What about damage from hail or a duration wind?

It’s understandable that homeowners would want to know what happens if their panels are damaged during a powerful storm. Purelight Power’s solar systems are rated for wind speeds up to 130 mph and hail falling at up to 50 mph. With our warranties and your homeowner’s insurance, any damage should be covered. Plus, studies have found that solar panel systems actually protect roofs from everyday wear and weathering.

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Top-Rated Solar Panel Installation Company

Christopher Griesemer
Christopher Griesemer
Knowledgeable company that keeps you informed throughout the entire process. Professional and courteous in all areas. Highly recommend.
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett
Ethan, full of knowledge and help. Thank you
Jase Daggett
Jase Daggett
Newest Review (4-star, Feb 3 2024): After a couple more years, it seems that Purelight had a change of heart. THEY reached out to US letting us know that after an internal audit, our installation was not up to their standards (we apparently hired them when they were a ~2 month old company, and "things were more hectic back then"). So, now that they've "grown up" a bit, they've recognized we needed to be made whole. They came out and did a ton of work free of charge to tidy up their books and make us happy customers. Worthy of 5 stars, but knocked down a star for taking them 4 years to make amends. Second Review (1-star, 2021): The first year was very promising, but after a couple years we started realizing the system was not offsetting as much power as was promised. Turns out the salesman did the math wrong and sold us a system that only offsets ~70% of our power bill. Customer service doesn't care, saying we got what we paid for. No effort to make it right for us. Original Review (5-star, 2019): [Original review deleted, but it praised Purelight for the seamless installation & loan process]
Me Me
Me Me
Fast install. Quick on reply, and helpful with questions.
Kenny Taylor
Kenny Taylor
Purelight Power was great to work with, providing excellent service from start to finish. Their sales department was very patient and answered all of my questions. Install was quick and painless. They did a great job following up and making sure I had all the important info for the system. Would recommend.
Frank Rockwell
Frank Rockwell
All of the staff and workers have been friendly and informative, the quality of the work performed with the installation and follow-up afterwards has been excellent! I love the system.
David 'Bishop' Sanders
David 'Bishop' Sanders
Great crew and simple process!
matt berube
matt berube
Fun experience fast install! Super stoked!

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