Purelight Power Logo

Since 2019, Purelight Power has provided homeowners across the US with affordable solar energy solutions. In just three years, Purelight Power has become one of the country’s most prominent solar energy contractors, with the Portland Business Journal naming Purelight Power 2022’s fastest-growing private company and second-fastest-growing private company in 2023. Purelight Power is headquartered in Medford, OR, the same city in which it was founded.

Our success is the product of hard work, dedication to customer service, and the combined effort of our employees across each department. By adhering to these values and focusing on providing the best possible solution for our customers, we’ll continue to be a leader in the solar industry.

Our Mission

We firmly believe that Americans deserve to own the means to power their homes, rather than renting their power from oversized, anti-competitive utility companies. By helping homeowners purchase and install solar panels, we hope to make power ownership the new normal in the United States and eliminate the decades-old presupposition that you get your energy from a utility company.

Hailing from a place as beautiful as Southern Oregon, Purelight Power understands how vital renewable energy is to preserving America’s natural resources. We want to ensure a greener future for the next generation while helping homeowners save money on their power bills.

Our Founders

Purelight Power was founded by JD Beck, Dustin Wynn, Kam Kaputska, and Damon Price. Together, the founders have established Purelight Power as a leading provider of solar energy solutions.


Our Accolades

Purelight Power has redefined what’s possible in the solar industry, pushing the bounds of success through customer service and innovation. Our work has earned the recognition of several prestigious industry publications.

We’re incredibly thankful for our customers’ trust in us, our process, and our work. Through these strong bonds, Purelight Power has helped thousands of customers go solar — and we’ll continue to help thousands more. As we move toward the solar industry’s future, we’ll continue to push toward innovative solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.