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Why is Bend Oregon Going Solar?


Sick and tired of your utility bills rising? Well lucky for you initiatives have been put in place in Bend Oregon to make going solar easy and affordable for $0 down. Take advantage now before other homeowners do! Click on the reasons below to learn more:

$0 Out of Pocket

New Federal and State incentives allow you to go solar for $0 down. This allows homewoners in Bend, Oregon to start saving from day 1. No more money wasted on that utility bill! 

Save Up to 94% on Your Power Bill

Over the last 20 years, utility companies have increased their rates by 4.7% per year on average. Take advantage of affordable solar power services in Bend, Oregan now so you can save up to 94% on your power bill.

Increase Your Home's Value

Stop renting power from those greedy utility companies and instead start owning your power source. In Bend, Oregon we want you to pay less and receive more. Increase the value of your home today.

Purelight Power’s Solar Made Simple

Solar Panel Installation has never been easier.

Using a 4-step process, Purelight ensures that every homeowner in Bend, Oregon has clean, more affordable energy installed with ease. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your savings. We start with a consultation to show you exactly how much you’ll be saving on our solar panel services. In Bend, Oregon we want to make sure the switch to solar makes sense for you and your household which is why we base this off of your particular energy needs. Next, we will design a system that is perfect for your home and matches the geography of Bend, Oregon. After designing a system that will optimize how much you will save, we manage all the permitting required to get started and bring in our experienced installation team to ensure that you have a stress free experience.

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We Treat You Like
Our Family 

Our team of Bend Oregon solar panel experts strive to not only provide a premium solar experience for you, but also to educate you on the product with full integrity to ensure you can be confident in your decision. No high-pressure sales. No stress. You’re family.


What Our Customers Say 

IN Bend oregon

We had a wonderful experience with the presentation for solar energy. We were impressed with the level of attentiveness with our questions. The technician was well dressed and courteous. I would recommend this company.

Thank you JD for the great experience. 

J. Stevenson

Purelight Client

Working with PureLight has been great. I got email updates, and calls/text check ins from Dusty as well. The install took a few weeks like Dusty said, and my payment is what they proposed to, so I’d recommend him to anyone looking at solar.
L. Burns

PureLight Client

I’ve worked with three other companies and have enjoyed working with PureLight the most. I actually just signed up to go solar in Medford a few weeks ago and my install is already done. Great experience.

PureLight Client


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