5 Cool Facts About Solar in Iowa

by | Aug 11, 2022

Solar in Iowa has become common amongst your fellow Hawkeyes homeowners.

Don’t believe us? Already 63,729 homes in Iowa are powered by solar! However, Iowan homeowners may still be curious about solar and if it’s a good fit for their home.

Continue reading as we cover 5 cool and useful facts about solar in Iowa that you may have not known!

1. Iowa Ranks 31st in the Country for Solar

As Iowa makes a push towards a cleaner and more renewable energy, solar is becoming a part of everyday life in the Hawkeye state.

In fact, just in 2020 Iowa installed 162 megawatts of new solar.

That is double the state’s solar capacity installed every year prior to 2020, all in just one year! Think of what Iowa will be capable of in the future.

It’s an exciting time for solar, and solar is more affordable than ever before.

2. Solar in Iowa is Exempt from Sales Tax

Did you know what makes solar more attractive for Iowa homeowners? 

When you install solar, you’re exempted from sales tax on the equipment itself. That equipment includes panels, inverters, and more.

Which is a big deal because as of 2021 in Iowa sales tax is 6%!

3. Your Solar Exempt from Property Taxes for 5 years

This next Iowa solar fact can help you save even more money. Having residential solar is a great way to raise your home value by 4% or more. 

With the value added to your home, many Iowans might have the same question: “But does it raise my property taxes?” 

That is a great question. The answer is that your solar panels, and the value they bring to your home, are exempt from property taxes for a full 5 years

Homeowners who don’t go solar are missing out on added home value without the higher property taxes.

On a background divided between bright blue and white, we see the words "find out if your roof qualifies for $0 down solar" in white text. Below it is a white button with the words "learn more" in blue. Next to the text is a laptop with the screen showing an example of a home's roof with a solar array design, next to a solar savings report.

4. Iowa Has One of the Best Net Metering Rates

You can maximize your savings when you have grid tied solar and use net metering (NEM).

Net metering allows Iowans who have solar on their home to receive credits for any excess energy that their system produces. 

Iowa has one of the best net metering rates in the country, and they were also the first state to implement a net metering policy with solar. 

5. Solar is a Great Job Source for Fellow Hawkeyes

In 2021 in Iowa there were 892 total jobs that were for the solar industry! 

In 2019, the solar industry in Iowa grew faster in Iowa than in any other Midwest state at 16.5%. Generally, solar installers are actually the third fastest growing occupation nationally.

From solar installed on farms to rooftop solar, Iowa’s economy is supported by clean renewable energy.

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