Solar in Iowa Means Clean Energy Savings

Solar in Iowa Means Clean Energy Savings

It’s a new year, which means new resolutions to accomplish! Do you have a resolution to save more money? Solar is a great way to start. 

January is Financial Wellness Month–a time to encourage everyone to plan and update their financial strategy for the year. But what is financial wellness? It’s when you can meet your current and future financial obligations.

Don’t let rising energy costs get in the way of your financial wellness this year.

Rising energy costs will impact your ability to achieve financial wellness as you see your energy bill skyrocket. It’s stressful for all of us to experience rate hikes on the electricity we use to power our home.

The good news? With solar you can have ownership of your power and savings.  

Making the switch to solar can save you money immediately and in the long run! Plus, you won’t have to worry about greedy utility companies raising their prices every year. 

Keep reading as we cover two different reasons for making the switch to solar for clean, renewable energy and savings to your home in Iowa.

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Solar Saves in Iowa Short and Long Term

One of the most common concerns of Iowa homeowners is the cost of switching to solar. Purelight Power can help! When you wipe out your current power bill with our zero down solar, and replace it with a lower flat payment that never goes up you’ll see savings in your first month. 

Helping to make the switch to solar affordable is a key process that provides Iowans with short term and long term savings. That process is called net metering. Net metering allows Iowans to receive a credit for any excess energy produced by your solar panels. The excess energy is then put back into the grid as a credit to be used by your system in times of lower energy production, like during winter storms.

Especially during snowy Iowa winters like the one we’re currently having thanks to La Niña, net metering helps make solar reliable and affordable for every homeowners.

But why go solar now? Because there is a huge savings opportunity with solar that will drop by hundreds to possibly thousands of dollars at the end of this year! 

Take advantage of these tax credits and savings before they go the way of Iowa’s state solar tax credit. If you make the switch to residential solar before December 31st, 2022, you can claim a credit worth 26% of the cost of your system on your federal income taxes.

Think 26% doesn’t sound like a lot? Consider that on a solar energy system that costs $20,000, you’d be saving $5,200 by claiming the rebate!

Clean Energy Savings for Homeowners in Iowa

With the fresh start to the year, what better time to get ahead of your finances and set yourself up for success. Solar is an investment in your home, and a great way to remain in control of your finances and power. Not needing to stress about a rising energy bill as the rates for electricity continue to rise is one perk.

A healthier home is another.

In Iowa 6 out of 10 households still use natural gas in their homes. MidAmerican has disclosed that their natural gas prices will be rising 46-96% this year. Since energy efficient electrical appliances have the same lifespan as natural gas appliances, switching to an all electric home saves even more money, especially with solar powering your home.

Beyond wanting to see as much in solar savings as possible, there are a few other reasons why it’s smart to think about making the switch to go all electric.

With natural gas use at home comes serious health concerns. Using natural gas to heat your home, power your stove, and more can be a source of releasing dangerous carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and more harmful substances into your home’s air. One report found that exposure to these pollutants in your home increase issues like asthma, increased lung infections, and can even impact your heart and brain.

Switching to solar energy provides you with a healthier home while making your wallet healthier with savings now, and in the future.

Soak Up the Sun to Soak Up Savings

Ready to conquer your financial wellness? As your top-rated local solar company in Iowa, Purelight Power is here to maximize solar savings for you and your home!

Let us wipe out your current power bill and make switching to solar affordable with our $0 out-of-pocket program.

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