Des Moines Solar Panels: Best Installation Companies and Incentives

Des Moines Solar Panels: Best Installation Companies and Incentives

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Your utility company is lying to you. While they’d have you believe they’re your only option, it’s easier than ever for Des Moines homeowners to take control of their electricity bills by installing solar panels. And now’s the perfect time to take advantage too — solar panels have steadily gotten cheaper for decades, and there’s a slew of government incentives to help you make the switch.

However, the Des Moines solar panel installation market has evolved, with new companies pushing the solar landscape to be more competitive and innovative. If you’ve been looking to go solar yourself, there are things you should know before you commit.

Solar Panel Installation in Des Moines

Iowa is ranked the 27th state for solar adoption according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). That isn’t enough to make Iowans leading adopters of solar power, but don’t fret — solar panels in Iowa can generate enough electricity to power 80,929 homes. There are around 86,000 homes in Des Moines, so there’s almost enough solar energy to power every house in the state’s largest city. That’s no small feat, and more panels are on the way. Iowa is projected to install 1,315 MW of solar power over the next five years.

It certainly helps that Iowa’s climate is a good fit for solar power. Des Moines averages about 202 total sunny days a year. While the city does get its fair share of cloudy days, solar panel systems will have no problem generating electricity throughout the year. Even in the winter, your panels can generate electricity effectively. While you may need to clear heavy snow from the panels, a small amount won’t impact production — and when the snow melts, the water can even clean dust and dirt from your panels, making them more efficient.

Des Moines Solar Incentives

Solar panels have become far less expensive than they once were, with prices dropping by 94% since 1989. Technological advancements and increased production efficiency have contributed to the price dip, and buyers can further reduce costs by taking advantage of financial incentives. Here are the ones to keep track of:

Federal Incentives

Incentive Description
Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics The Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics is available across the US and provides a tax credit for 30% of a solar installation’s total installed price. To receive the credit, homeowners must file Form 5695 with their annual taxes.
Net Metering Net metering allows solar system owners to send the excess energy they generate back to the electric grid, earning them a credit that’s applied to their bill. The value of net metering credits can change with legislation, but they remain a significant cost-saving incentive for homeowners.

State Incentives

Iowa doesn’t currently offer incentives for solar panel installation at a state level, though solar energy equipment is exempt from sales tax. Additionally, you won’t have to pay increased property taxes because your home’s value increased after installing solar panels. Those are significant benefits for anyone looking to install solar panels in Des Moines, and it’s also important to remember that legislation changes frequently.

Solar Installer Incentives

Your solar installer may be able to offer some form of incentive for solar panel installation, depending on who you choose. For example, some installers can help you get a better loan through their financing partners than other companies can provide, which can help you get an earlier payoff date. Additionally, solar installers usually offer referral programs that can help you earn money if any of you have family and friends interested in going solar.

Choosing Des Moines Solar Panel Installers

You’ll need an installer when buying solar panels in Des Moines

  • Reviews: Positive reviews are the most important marker of a solar installation company. If an installer consistently gets positive feedback, you can be confident that your installation will be smooth. Check the specific language other customers use when they leave a review.
  • Workmanship: Solar installers must be certified before working on your roof. Even after earning their certifications, there will be a degree of variation between different solar installation companies. Ask to see pictures of completed projects that your solar installer has performed, and look for feedback in reviews highlighting how well a solar installer cleaned up after finishing their work.
  • Communication: There’s nothing more frustrating than being left in the dark by a company you’re working with — especially when that company is performing significant work on your home. Ensuring your solar installer is a top-tier communicator is paramount to a smooth installation process.
  • Warranties & Guarantees: Solar panels come with excellent warranties out of the box, but having an extra layer of security never hurts. Ask your solar installer about the warranties and guarantees they offer on their work. You even find a solar installer that offers production guarantees, paying you the difference if your solar panels fail to produce enough power.

If you’re looking to buy solar panels in Des Moines, Purelight Power has you covered. Our expert team of solar installers specializes in providing first-class service that makes your energy transition as smooth as possible. We offer robust incentives and warranties, ensuring your investment lasts decades. If you want to know more, take our 30-second solar quiz, and we’ll give you a free quote for your home solar system.

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