Caring for Your Solar Panels Year Round in Iowa

Caring for Your Solar Panels Year Round in Iowa

Having solar panels not only saves you money, but makes your house look snazzy with those sleek black panels.

But you may be wondering how you’ll keep your panels in shape and produce energy with all the curveballs that mother nature has to throw at us in Iowa? 

With solar, it’s common for homeowners to be concerned about how to take care of their panels, especially since the panels are on top of your roof. However, many of the ways to take care of your panels can be done conveniently from the comfort of the ground. 

In the rare event your panels do need professional maintenance, Purelight is here to help connect you with experts for any maintenance/needs you may need.

In this blog we’ll cover everything there is to know about taking care of your solar panels. Spoiler: it’s easy. 

How to Care for Your Panels in Snow

For many Iowans, a common concern when switching over to solar panels is the snowfall we see in the Hawkeye state during the winter. With Des Moines receiving a little more than 5 inches more than the national average for winter snow, that concern makes sense. But there’s some great news. 

Those beautiful white snowflakes can be beneficial to your solar panels. 

Like rain, snow offers a natural and free way of cleaning your panels. When Purelight installs a solar energy system, your panels are installed on an angle which helps the snow melt off. When your solar panels generate heat from the UV light that still comes through the snow, they’ll warm up causing the snow to melt and slide off the panels. 

But what about serious snow storms?

We all know Iowa can get some heavy snowfall, with winter 2021 already seeing some of the state under a blizzard warning. What should a homeowner do during this sort of weather when the snow might pile up and doesn’t just slide off?

Finding the best way to remove snow off your panels manually is pretty simple: use your hose’s spray nozzle on a powerwash setting to spray the snow and help it melt faster. Just keep in mind that you need to use water that matches the temperature outside, and you shouldn’t spray the panels after they’ve heated up sitting under the winter sun all day.

It’s important to use just your hose and a spray nozzle, and only this tool, to clear snow off your panels.

Using only what your solar installer recommends, so that the tool doesn’t scratch or damage your panels which can be expensive. Causing damage to your panels will usually void any warranty that came with them as well.

Even with colder temperatures in Iowa, no need to worry about the water freezing on the panels. That won’t harm them. The panels Purelight uses are rated to work and avoid damage down to -80 degrees.

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Dirt, Leaves, and Rain: Keeping Your Panels Clean in Fall

Anyone who has lived in Iowa for a bit knows that we can see heavy rain during spring and autumn. Heavy rainfall can leave water residue as it dries that may not be the most appealing.

Using your trusty garden hose is again a great way to clean off the solar panels.

It’s good to know that the ideal time to clean your panels after it rains is early morning or evening. During those times, because the sun isn’t as direct, the heat from your panels isn’t as powerful. That way the water won’t evaporate too quickly, and will clean your panels completely.

Iowans also aren’t strangers to windstorms. We all remember the 2020 derecho. Windy weather can cause twigs and leaves to blow onto your panels. Beyond hoping rain or more windy weather clears those leaves from your panels, there’s an easy option to clean your panels.

Once again, your hose comes to the rescue. Put it on a powerspray setting, keeping in mind the temperature outside using cold water when it is cold and lukewarm water when it’s hot, and rinse those leaves away.

Work With Mother Nature to Power Your Home 

There you have it: how to care for your panels no matter what the Iowan weather throws at you.

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