Solar in Iowa: How To Be Your Own Power Company

by | Sep 9, 2022

Power companies in Iowa still rely on coal, natural gas, and petroleum for nearly half of the energy they generate. But they’re also working to install hundreds of megawatts of solar.

Why? Because solar energy is a game changer for Iowa’s future.

While utility companies in Iowa and elsewhere often try to get homeowners to help pay for these solar projects, there’s another choice for homeowners to go solar. One that saves homeowners more money.

Keep reading as we look at the reasons utility companies are investing in solar, and how homeowners can get in on the action to save and generate their own energy.

Iowa Leads the Midwest to Solar Savings

Iowa has increased the amount of energy produced by solar by 400,000% in just the last 10 years.

Much of this increase is due to solar farms being opened in just the last 6 years or so. Across the state of Iowa, utility companies and other businesses have planted solar farms amidst corn fields.

There is a big reason Iowa has seen so much growth in solar, and become one of the leading states for renewable energy in the US.

It’s a good financial bet. As a state with major industries dependent on regular weather cycles to keep Iowa growing and green, the citizens of Iowa have a vested interest in the switch to renewable energy.

But more than that, solar is just less expensive than fossil fuels.

Alliant and MidAmerican invest in Megawatts from Solar Panels

Even for power companies in Iowa, solar is the next step towards a more sustainable energy grid and savings.

Across the state, companies like MidAmerican and Alliant are adding hundreds of megawatts worth of solar panels. These projects support Iowa’s goal of being one of the first zero-carbon states in the nation, but also require a ton of land.

There’s also the downside that as these companies bring more of these projects online, they’re passing the costs associated to homeowners who won’t see the same return for that value that they would with rooftop solar.

As Iowa continues pioneering solar energy adoption in the midwest, homeowners will have more options for solar.

On a background divided between bright blue and white, we see the words "find out if your roof qualifies for $0 down solar" in white text. Below it is a white button with the words "learn more" in blue. Next to the text is a laptop with the screen showing an example of a home's roof with a solar array design, next to a solar savings report.

Get the Most Out of Investing in Solar

Homeowners in Iowa have more options for powering their homes with solar than ever before. How do you know what is a good investment for your home?

If you own your home, then owning your solar system is the best option for seeing the most return on that investment. Community solar is a great option for renters, who can’t reap the benefits of the solar investment tax credit or an increased property value.

Both leased and purchase power agreements for solar energy systems can have some unexpected issues regarding maintenance, length of contract, lack of warranties, and what happens when the panels need to be removed at the end of the lease.

But with professionally installed solar that you own, you can not only claim the solar investment tax credit and recoup 30% of the installation costs, you’ll also see your home value increase (with the added value from solar exempt from property taxes for 5 years).

Best of all, homeowners who go solar with Purelight Power can feel confident in their choice with the 10 year workmanship guarantee and 25 year parts and production warranty that come with every system.

Solar in Iowa the Purelight Way

Ready to go solar and take control of your home energy?

You can gain energy independence and save more every month with $0 down solar from Purelight Power.

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