5 Qualities of the Best Solar Company in Montana

5 Qualities of the Best Solar Company in Montana

Montana has abundant sunshine and a growing interest in solar power. As a result, many solar companies operate in the state, each offering various solar solutions for homeowners. To find the best solar installation company in Montana, homeowners must look at the elements that make up supreme customer service and a solar company’s expertise in operating areas like Helena, Bozeman, and Great Falls.

Updated 7/11/2023: Finding a good contractor is critical to the solar installation process. We’ve updated this guide with new information about the qualities that make a reputable solar installation company, so you can rest assured that you’re working with the best solar company in Montana.

Qualities of the Best Solar Company in Montana

Solar installation can seem like a novel concept, but it isn’t. Solar energy companies have the same standards as other contractors, so your expectations should be the same. From the moment you get a quote to your final install, you deserve the professionalism and care you expect from any other contractor. Here’s how that looks throughout the process.

Honest Solar Installation Quotes

So, you know you want to install solar panels on your home, but what does the process entail? Every home is different, so the specifics of what must be done vary between installations. While one homeowner may have a straightforward solar installation, another might have to remove or trim a tree for solar to work correctly. These small factors affect the total cost of quotes but also make it easy for a solar energy contractor to overcharge you.

You should get quotes from several solar energy contractors when looking into the overall cost of a solar installation project. If any of the quotes are incredibly high or suspiciously low, you’ll probably want to rule those companies out. The ultimate goal is to balance a fair price and paying for expertise, as it will ensure a reasonable installation backed by knowledgeable workmanship.

Robust Financing Options

As the adage goes, you’re as good as the company you keep. Solar contractors partner with financing companies to give customers easy access to solar loans, which are generally low-interest and flexible. However, not all solar loans are created equal, and you don’t want to get locked into a high-interest loan when better options are out there.

As you get quotes from solar energy contractors, ask about their financing partners, then look into reviews for those companies. Bad solar loans can affect your overall payments by hundreds of dollars, so confidence in the process is essential. In the best-case scenario, you can find a $0 financing plan that eliminates the upfront costs of going solar. Not everyone qualifies for such programs, but you can determine your eligibility by taking a 30-second survey.

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Commitment to Customer Service

Solar panel companies should be dedicated to customer service throughout the process. Questions will come up during the solar panel installation process, and your contractor should take the time to answer each of your questions.

A solar company should help you understand the various technologies that go into solar panels, which are most suitable for your situation, and offer insight into how the installation process will proceed. Not only should they be responsive to these questions, but they should answer them confidently and accurately.

A Positive Reputation

There’s no better mark of a solar installer’s quality than their customer reviews. Whether talking with friends or reading reviews online, you can quickly ascertain whether a company is worth its salt. Check if they’re good communicators and if their final installs are high quality, as those are the two most significant indicators of how your experience will go. You want to ensure you’re working with energy professionals and not getting stuck with a poor installation.

Knowledge of Solar Incentives

For most people, the primary goal of installing solar panels is to generate a return on investment. You may be eligible for tons of solar incentives in Montana, including the federal tax credit and net metering programs. These incentives can shave upwards of 30% off your system installation through tax credits and direct discounts, so your solar energy contractor must know all the incentives you’re eligible for.

Picking a Solar Installer in Montana

Once you’ve found an installer that possesses all of these qualities, you can have peace of mind about their solar systems and your installation. Your finalized system will put power back in your hands and take it away from your utility company, reducing the average cost of your energy bills.

If you want to know more about your options, Purelight Power is here to help. We offer a wide range of services, $0 down financing, excellent customer service, and are experienced and reputable in the industry. We’re passionate about promoting clean and renewable energy. If you are considering going solar in Montana, contact Purelight Power for more information.

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