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Solar in Montana: Energy Independence and Savings

by | Jan 27, 2022

Montana homeowners are a rugged group. Homeowners in our high, wide, and handsome state are also moving to solar for their energy independence faster than neighboring states like Wyoming or either of the Dakotas.

January is Financial Wellness Month, so what better time to consider ways to improve your financial wellness with a switch to solar.

Despite the fact that Montana produces 27.8 TWh (terawatt-hours) of energy annually while only using 13.9 TWh, NorthwesternEnergy still requested two separate rate hikes for customers last year! The rate hikes are aimed to produce more than $18 million in profits for the utility, at the expense of homeowners across Montana.

But with solar, homeowners can avoid the impact of rate hikes like this, and own clean, renewable energy for their homes. Go solar with Purelight Power and you save even more with zero down solar.

Montana Solar Savings Cost

Save with Energy You Own

According to SolarReviews, the average homeowner in Montana will see savings of over $40,000 over the life of their solar energy system.

Right now, those savings can be increased by taking advantage of the federal Solar Investment Credit. That credit, claimed on your income tax return, can help you see more of your investment in solar come back to you. In fact, you can get 26% of the cost of your solar installation back!

While 26% might not sound like a huge number, consider that on a system that costs $28,000, you’d get $7,280 back! But there’s a catch, you have to own the system (so you can’t get solar installed that’s just leased), and you need to have it installed prior to December 31st of 2022. After that date, the credit drops, and after 2023 will stop.

Beyond the time limited savings, there are other reasons to go solar sooner rather than later.

Let’s revisit the rate hikes NorthwesternEnergy started charging customers in 2021. The rate hikes will see homeowner’s rates go up by 4.05%, and given the utility provider raised their rates twice in 2021, it’s likely we’ll see more increases on the cost of renting electricity from Northwestern in 2022.

Those 4% average rate hikes add up, especially if your power bill is already higher than you’d like.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Montana is well-positioned for power from renewable energy. Yet, companies like Northwestern continue to generate more than half of the state’s electricity using sources like coal and gas.

Solar means savings and energy independence, and cleaner electricity for your home.

Clean Energy Call To Action

Healthier Energy for Your Home and Wallet

Just like coal can pollute the various rivers and waterways Montanans rely on for clean water for themselves, and for agriculture and ranching, the use of electricity to heat and cook in our homes can pollute the air we breathe every day.

A study from the Rocky Mountain Institute found that just cooking with natural gas could raise the amount of Nitrogen Dioxide in your home by more than twice a level considered safe. Heightened NO2 can lead to health issues including asthma, worsened risk of lung infections, and negatively impact the heart.

These risks are especially high for children, who are up to 42% more likely to develop asthma if they live in a home with a gas stove!

Meanwhile, solar poses virtually no risk to the health of your home.

Making the switch to clean, renewable energy right on your rooftop means a healthier home and wallet. Solar can bring you savings the day you have it installed, and in the future so you’re not stuck renting rather than owning your energy and being at the mercy of power companies’ whims.

Clean Energy Savings Montana

Take Control of Your Home Energy with Solar

Ready to gain your energy independence with solar? Making the switch with a professional and local company like Purelight Power means you’ll not only get the perks of going solar, but have you system backed by a 10 year workmanship guarantee, 20 year panel warranty, and a 25 year energy production guarantee!

Save even more with our $0 out of pocket solar! Find out if your roof qualifies today.

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