Montana Homeowners: Be Your Own Power Company

Montana Homeowners: Be Your Own Power Company

Power companies in Montana still rely on coal for nearly half of the energy they generate. But they’re also working to install hundreds of megawatts of solar.

Why? Because solar energy is a game changer for Montana’s future.

While utility companies in Montana and elsewhere often try to get homeowners to help pay for these solar projects, there’s another choice for homeowners to go solar. One that saves homeowners more money.

Keep reading as we look at the reasons utility companies are investing in solar, and how homeowners can get in on the action to save and generate their own energy.

Montana Solar Changes the Energy Landscape

In Montana, some 43% of electricity generated comes from pollution belching coal-powered plants. While these power plants have existed across the Montana landscape for years, many are starting to recognize just how damaging they can be to the land, ranching and farming operations, and just the general air quality in our state.

But what can the average homeowner do about this?

You can be your own power company. When homeowners in Montana go solar, they can save over $15,000, see their home value increase by 4% or more, and feel proud that they’re doing their part to protect the natural beauty and splendor of the high, wide and handsome state of Montana.

Despite misconceptions, Montana is actually a great candidate for rooftop solar. With more than half the year seeing sunshine, and long summer days, homeowners can make the most of net metering.

However, homeowners need to invest in solar before power companies install their own megawatt solar farms, and take away the choice for rooftop solar by overloading the grid.

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NorthWestern and Yellowstone Invest in Megawatts of Solar

Power companies in Montana make it harder for homeowners and the public to go solar by lobbying for unrealistic caps on the size of a system a homeowner can have.

But that’s not because the power companies don’t think solar is worth it. If that were true, they wouldn’t be trying to corner the market on solar with huge projects that generate megawatts of solar.

These power companies even try to pass the cost for building and managing these huge projects onto homeowners and renters, while continuing to place roadblocks for owning solar individually.

Despite the fact that owning solar winds up being a better investment than buying into a purchase-power-agreement or community solar. So what can homeowners do to stake their solar claim and push back against greedy power companies?

Rooftop Solar in Montana = Energy Independence

For Montana homeowners looking to claim their energy independence, rooftop solar is a great investment.

With rooftop solar, you get to use the grid as a sort of backup battery with your net metering credits. Now, you might be wondering “but isn’t being tied to the grid mean that you’re still stuck with the power companies?” Not exactly.

When rooftop solar is installed, the panels still send power to your house before anything else. So you’ll get full use of as much power from your panels as you need. After that, it’s only the power your home didn’t need that gets sent back onto the grid.

In Montana, net metering is a legal right homeowners have. Despite power companies trying to get the state to reduce or throw away net metering rights, Montana has continued to protect homeowners.

The more homeowners with rooftop solar there are, the harder it is for greedy power companies to pull a fast one and get rid of net metering or fair rates for the power home generators send back into their communities.

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