Purelight Power Provides Billings With Affordable Energy

Top-Rated Solar Provider Excited to Help Montana Achieve Sustainability

Purelight Power, Oregon and Iowa’s top-rated solar installation company, is bringing affordable solar energy to the community of Billings, Montana starting October 11. 

In discussing the choice to head to Montana for their newest location, Purelight Power Co-Founder Dusty Wynn noted that “Billings is poised to be a powerhouse of sustainable energy in the Western United States.” He continued on to say that their priority as a solar company for Billings and wider-Montana “is helping homeowners gain their energy independence, wipe out their power bills, and increase their home value, all for zero upfront.”

While Purelight Power was founded in the neighboring state of Oregon, the company has established a local team of solar professionals to serve the Billings community. With a 25-year Performance Guarantee, 20-year Panel Warranty, and 10-year Workmanship Guarantee, Purelight is committed to providing local, expert, and value-driven service to all Billings homeowners. 

In 2021 alone, Purelight has installed over 30 megawatts of solar and helped almost 700 homeowners go solar, and is excited to bring their expertise and five-star commitment to the state of Montana. 

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“We’re excited to provide Montanans with an affordable, local option for going solar,” Chief Marketing Officer Kam Kaputska said. “Solar is the future, and Purelight Power is proud to be a catalyst of change within the Billings solar energy industry.” 

With a qualifying roof, Montana’s solar incentive program and the solar tax credit offered by the Federal government, homeowners can make the switch to renewable energy while recouping much of their investment almost immediately. 

Due to these state and federal regulations, qualification for these programs are dependent on factors such as roof pitch and material, roof direction and shading reports. Purelight Power’s local team specializes in roof qualification, and are able to verify a home’s eligibility in just a few minutes.

Billings residents interested in making the move to clean energy with solar may remember the recent attempt by NorthWestern Energy to immediately undercut homeowner’s access to net-metering, which was refused by the Montana legislature. It’s clear that utility companies in Montana are aware that solar can help many homeowners go green and wipe out their power bill. 

With states such as California and Arizona siding with power companies and eliminating the financial benefit for homeowners to go solar, it’s a possibility that Montana could be next. Purelight’s goal is to help as many homeowners in Billings go solar before these incentives are taken away.

Curious if your roof qualifies for these programs? Interested homeowners can fill out our 30-second survey to get started before it’s too late.

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