Should You Choose Purelight Power or Blue Raven Solar?

Should You Choose Purelight Power or Blue Raven Solar?

Going solar is a big investment for homeowners, and you deserve to make the switch with a company that you want to work with. 

Most homeowners are looking to go solar  with a local company, with rave reviews from customers, and one that’s transparent with their customers. But how do you know which solar installer to choose when there are so many different companies to choose from?

Continue reading as we look at two options for homeowners looking to go solar in Oregon, Montana, and Iowa:  Purelight Power & Blue Raven Solar. 

Local Solar Company Vs. Big National Corporation

Purelight Power was founded in 2019, and within about 3 and a half years have helped over 3,000 homeowners go solar. For some homeowners that may feel like the company is a little young. However, so long as the company has good reviews from homeowners, and a solid business record in the community, length of time might not matter. 

Blue Raven Solar has been in business since 2014, so they’re an older player in the solar industry. However, Blue Raven Solar was bought by SunPower in 2021, and is now part of a network of subcontractors that that big corporation uses, rather than an independently owned company with local teams. 

In this instance, being around longer doesn’t necessarily equate to better service. A newer company focused on local, homegrown teams can provide better service than a company owned out of California.

Where Does Blue Raven Solar Install?

Blue Raven Solar has a big footprint with over 21 different states across the US serviced in some capacity. But if you are in Bend, Oregon, Bozeman, Billings, or Helena in Montana, or Des Moines, Waterloo, or Cedar Rapids in Iowa you’re out of luck.

Blue Raven doesn’t service Iowa or Montana currently. In Oregon, only homeowners in Salem, Portland, and Medford can go solar with Blue Raven.

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Where Does Purelight Power Install Solar?

Purelight Power is here to help across Oregon, Montana, and Iowa! 

With our focus of bringing affordable solar to homeowners who might not otherwise have access, Purelight is focused on serving communities other companies in the solar industry often ignore.

Purelight Power accelerates the solar industry in states like Iowa and Montana, as well as Oregon, and has become the top-rated solar company across many of those territories.  

Customer Service for Solar from Blue Raven

What happens if you need help during or after your solar installation?

For customers from Blue Raven, the answer may be little more than a 1-800 number. Along with that singular point of contact, the company has a general email and some frequently asked questions for their customers.

But as complaints on BBB show, Blue Raven has an issue with consistent and prompt communication with customers. That’s not a great sign to see with a company that works on and in people’s homes.

With Purelight our customers come first, and the company has local teams in each of the communities it serves.

Their entire teams are also in-house, rather than subcontractors who may make getting an issue resolved even more difficult. Plus, the company provides a dedicated in-house post-installation Support team, including remote monitoring of your system to catch any issues before they become a real problem.

Obviously, we’re a bit biased here, but our vote is for sticking with a local company that works hard to prove we care about you: our customer and neighbor.

Purelight is Your Local Solar Expert!

Make the switch to solar with Purelight, your local and top-rated solar company in Iowa, Oregon, and Montana. 

With our local solar experts, we make harnessing the power of the sun for your home simple and affordable. 

Find out with a quick 60-second survey if your roof qualifies for Purelight’s $0 down solar program.

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