Solar Brings Savings and Energy Independence

Solar Brings Savings and Energy Independence

Are you tired of losing your hard earned money to rising electricity rates? 

Electricity rates have increased every year in the United States for the past 25 years. In 1994, the average kilowatt-hour was just 8.38 cents, but by 2019 that cost had jumped to 13.01. And it’s only going to continue to rise. 

Want to avoid those rising costs? With solar you can take control of your money and have  energy independence.

Continue reading for more about the savings and energy independence you can gain with solar.

Why Homeowners Choose Solar

You may be thinking solar is too expensive to save you money by making the switch. However, there are many ways to save money with solar. 

Residential solar can save upwards of 90% on a homeowner’s electric bills. Right now, the Solar Investment Tax Credit helps you save even more money on the entire cost of the system by recouping 26% of the cost of your installation. But only through the end of 2022.

Every year, solar saves you money. By not being tied to the rising rates from greedy power companies, homeowners can avoid getting gouged. Those rates across the US rose 4.3% just from 2020 to 2021!

Think that doesn’t sound like much? Assuming their energy needs don’t increase, a homeowner who pays about $150 a month would pay an extra $6.45 each month, which would add up to losing $77.40 every year.

Don’t lose a penny to gouging rate hikes. Set yourself up for success with a lower flat payment that never goes up!

Carbon Footprint CTA

Solar Energy Independence

You probably already know that switching to solar means powering your home with clean, renewable energy. 

But you might not know that continuing to rent power from a utility company ties you to generation sources that pollute the environment. Power plants across the United States still use coal, natural gas, and other dirty energy sources to generate electricity. 

It’s time to make a switch to a clean renewable energy source. Solar is a cleaner and safer energy option than alternatives like coal, nuclear, and even wind, because it uses the sun to provide electricity to your home.

Going solar can reduce your own personal carbon footprint, while reducing the effects that the burning of fossil fuels has on the environment.

Grid-Tied = Affordable Solar

Solar is also your low cost option for gaining energy independence from the utility company. With a system that’s grid tied, you can save even more.  

When a homeowner makes the switch to rooftop solar, the excess energy their solar energy system produces is then sent back onto the grid. That means cleaner energy for the entire community, and a credit on the account of the homeowner. 

That credit covers any electricity the homeowner might need above what their solar can produce. You can avoid the excessive cost of a home battery system while still getting all the perks of a solar powered home.

Save with Solar

We know saving thousands with solar might sound too good to be true. Let’s go over the numbers.

Right now, home solar is made even more affordable with the Solar Investment Tax Credit. Let’s say your solar system costs about $20,000. Then you recoup 26% of your costs which brings your total cost for solar down by $5,200, so you only have to pay $14,800.

Here’s an example of how long it would take to pay off that system with the savings of the tax credit: $14,800 / $150 monthly payment = roughly 98 months, or 8 years to pay off. 

With Purelight Power’s zero down program you can max out those savings! 

By wiping out your current power bill and locking in a flat payment that never goes up, your savings will keep accumulating every year. Those savings help homeowners pay off their solar early and save even more!

Solar Savings With Purelight

Ready to own your power and have energy independence? Our local solar experts are here to help you take back the power from greedy utility companies and save with solar! 

See if your roof qualifies for our $0 out of pocket program today.

By taking advantage of Purelight’s zero down program homeowners can go solar for nothing out of pocket. Save more for less!

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