Tesla Or Purelight Power For Your Home Solar?

Tesla Or Purelight Power For Your Home Solar?

Solar has become a hot commodity for homeowners. As the demand grows, so has the solar industry, leaving homeowners to vet every company thoroughly. 

Often, for lack of a better option, a homeowner will go solar with the most well-known company. It’s understandable that to assume the bigger the company name, the better the product.

But the biggest company out there may not be the best option for you, especially when they’re plagued with complaints about things like a lack of customer service.

Continue reading as we take a look at two options for homeowners looking to go solar in Oregon, Montana, and Iowa: Purelight Power & Tesla. 

Local Solar versus International Brand

Purelight Power was just founded a little over 3 years ago, and has been changing the game with their customer experience. That commitment to great customer service has made Purelight the top rated solar company in Oregon, Iowa, and Montana.

With rave reviews from those local communities, it’s clear that a solar company doesn’t have to be around for decades to be doing it right.

Tesla Energy started selling solar in 2016 with its acquisition of SolarCity, which had been in the solar business for about 10 years prior to linking up with Tesla. So as a company that sells rooftop solar, Tesla has only been around about twice as long as Purelight, although the company they bought is older. 

In this instance, Tesla has been around for longer and made a name for itself, but going with a big-name company doesn’t necessarily mean better service. A company that is focused on locally, homegrown teams can provide better service to customers than a big-name company where you may get lost in the cracks.

You don’t have to take our word for it, Tesla has been in the news repeatedly for issues relating to their lack of customer service during and post-installation of home solar.

Tesla Solar: National Company

Tesla, as of October 2021, expanded its installation to anywhere in the US. That probably seems pretty awesome to homeowners across the country.

But a national company that doesn’t have a local presence in your community can result in real issues. From sourcing your own install team and handling the mess of permits, to being stuck if something goes wrong once the power is turned on. 

That’s a major pitfall of going with Tesla and not a local company. While you’re paying for the Tesla brand name, the work and customer service is really being provided through subcontracted companies. 

Professional rooftop solar is safe and saves money

Purelight Power: Real Local Solar

Purelight Power prides itself on maintaining local teams for every step of the solar process across the communities served in Oregon, Montana, and Iowa! 

At Purelight, our commitment is to bring affordable solar to homeowners who may not have had access. Because we value being part of your community, we pair that affordability with top-notch customer service every step of the way.

Being local also means we’re able to understand the different needs homeowners have when going solar in Montana, Iowa, or Oregon. From different climates, to different permit requirements and net metering policies, we design solar for your home and energy needs specifically. 

Tesla’s Customer Service Problem

What happens if you need help during or after your solar installation with Tesla?

Rather than having a local dedicated team for support, you really only have the option of calling a1-877 number, or sending a request through an app.  That lack of direct options to connect to someone to help often means that the response time is pretty sluggish.

This concern is validated by common complaints on SolarReviews that show Tesla’s customer service/support has an issue with responding to customers after the system is installed.

Dedicated, Local Support from Purelight Power

With Purelight we are serious about being customer-centered. Homeowners get an all in-house Support team you can reach. These teams aren’t located in some remote state, they’re just down the road from your home.

That support includes remote monitoring of your system to catch any issues before they become a real problem, so that you aren’t stuck having to let us know you need help.

Purelight is Your Local Solar Expert!

Ready to make the switch to solar and want great warranties, local support, and confidence that you’ll be treated as a person, not a number?

Choose Purelight! We are your LOCAL solar expert, here to make sure homeowners get the best service possible when switching to solar.

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