Homeowners Save With Purelight Power Solar

Homeowners Save With Purelight Power Solar

Did you know that there are enough solar panels installed across the U.S. to power 18.9 million homes?

As homeowners across America seek out ways to save money on energy at home, solar is quickly becoming a driving force of our transition to clean, renewable energy. But what do these homeowners actually save?

There are a lot of stats we could look at, like the general savings over the lifetime of a solar energy system (on average $20,000 or more), or how switching to solar at home helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint by (80% reduction on average).

However, we think it might be more useful to hear from real homeowners who went solar with Purelight.

Keep reading to hear from two different homeowners in Oregon and Iowa who went solar.

The Key to Saving with Solar: Research

“It was about a four year process,” says Nate, a homeowner in Iowa. “At first I was just browsing and sort of gathering information. But when I got serious, I wanted to find the company that could provide the best product, best service, and most bang for your buck.”

Judy, a homeowner in Southern Oregon, had been learning about home solar for well over a decade. “I first learned about solar while I was teaching my students in elementary school about the natural world and environmental stewardship.”

A Solar Installer They Could Trust

For both homeowners, when they finally took the leap to get home solar, they knew they wanted to go with a company they could trust.

For Nate, the customer service and responsiveness he experienced with Purelight Power was key. “Our consultant was awesome. If I ever had a question to ask, I could call him or text him and he’d get right back to me. I remember one time he was out of town, and he texted me back after like five minutes.”

Beyond responsiveness, Judy felt reassured that Purelight Power was really focused on making solar accessible and affordable for normal homeowners. “The first solar energy company I talked to only offered solar installation if you paid all of it upfront. So I had to pass on that option. But then a neighbor told me about their experience with Purelight and going solar with zero down.”

Next to an aerial photo of a roof with solar in front of a background of an Oregon valley and bright sunshine, we see a black background with the words "Save with Solar, Own Your Power" above a bright blue button with the words "Learn More.

Solar Designed to Save

For Judy, saving money wasn’t her only draw to solar, she also wanted to reduce her carbon footprint and be green while saving some green.

Homeowners who make the switch to clean, renewable energy will save more than money. Rooftop solar has a general carbon footprint that is 20 times less than traditional energy sources like natural gas and coal. Plus, in just three short years a solar energy system becomes entirely carbon neutral!

The savings for both carbon and cash are guaranteed with a home solar energy system designed to meet your energy needs. That’s Purelight’s specialty.

Nate had nothing but rave reviews about his system when we spoke. “Oh, we love it! It’s a huge weight off our shoulders! We don’t have to worry about that big electrical bill, especially with prices going up. And it’s a cool conversation starter with friends.”

But how much is Nate saving? His solar energy system was installed during the winter, which means he hasn’t yet seen the full power of what it can do. Even so, Nate says he’s already seeing savings of roughly $65 per power bill.

And Judy? She’s saving too! “Right now I save about $100 on my electric bill from the city.” she said when we spoke. “I expect that number to go up as I finish moving all my appliances to electric.”

Own Your Power with Purelight

Whether you’re looking for savings of cold hard cash, to reduce your carbon footprint, or both, Purelight Power is your local, trustworthy solar installer.

Find out if your roof qualifies for Purelight’s $0 down program, and save even more on your way to energy independence.

Don’t miss out on saving with solar today!

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