Go Solar for World Environment Day

Go Solar for World Environment Day

Sunday, June 5th is World Environment Day.

It’s a day observed internationally to encourage everyone to make choices to positively impact the environment. Those choices can vary widely, from shorter showers to a slightly longer commute with a switch to public transit.

But we’re all about how solar helps homeowners save money AND switch to clean, renewable energy generation.

Below you’ll find a variety of blogs we’ve written about the impact of solar on the environment, and how homeowners can save energy (and reduce their impact on the environment) at home.

Common Questions about Solar

Solar power is pretty self-explanatory: it uses the power of the sun. But how specifically does solar work? Read about how solar power works.

Easily one of the top 5 questions we get asked is whether or not solar panels can be recycled. The answer is yes! Solar panels are recyclable.

Homeowners looking to invest in renewable energy at home should consider looking into whether solar, hydro, or wind energy is the right choice for their needs.

Finally, every home (and homeowner) has one, but you might still be wondering what a carbon footprint even is.

Resources for Homeowners

Sustainable Energy Systems for World Environment Day

In Oregon about half of the state’s energy is already produced using hydroelectric dams. But with continuing drought, and growing awareness of the negative impacts dams have on rivers and waterways, it’s time to recognize that hydropower isn’t enough to meet all of Oregon’s energy needs.

Homeowners across the US should consider investing in switching their whole home to electric appliances. With rising natural gas prices, new studies finding the serious health impacts using natural gas at home has, homeowners will end up saving and having healthier homes by switching. Learn more about the switch in Oregon, Iowa, and Montana.

Next to an aerial shot of a home with solar panels on its roof, in a lush valley near a forest, we see a black background. On the background are the words "be green, save green." The word green is in a grassy green color. Below that are the words "with home solar" in bright blue. At the bottom of the black background is a bright blue button with the words "save now" in white.

Saving Money (and the Planet) at Home

Whether you work from home, have a big family, or just want to get as close to a zero-carbon home as possible, there are a ton of simple and quick changes you can make.

Check out our blogs on saving energy at home in Oregon, Iowa, and Montana.

A few easy changes today for World Environment Day can have lasting impact for decades to come.

Carbon Footprints by State

We couldn’t put together a blog without mentioning our blogs looking at options for lowering your carbon footprint within each state.

In Oregon you can make use of recycling and composting services.

Iowa has extensive biking and walking trails to give you an option for commuting aside from driving a car.

And in Montana, that big sky is perfect for rooftop or ground-mount solar.

Invest in a Better Environment Tomorrow, Today

Homeowners looking for a great way to invest in their homes, and a healthier environment, should consider solar.

With the cost of solar energy technology lower now than it’s ever been, and programs like Purelight’s $0 down solar, homeowners can go solar and save from day one.

Investing in solar before the end of 2022 also means being able to take advantage of the Solar Investment Tax Credit and saving 26% on the cost of solar installation.

Go Purelight and Save!

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Happy World Environment Day!

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