Finding Solar Installers in Bend: How to Make the Best Choice

Finding Solar Installers in Bend: How to Make the Best Choice

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Bend is one of Oregon’s most scenic towns, tucked in the mountains and surrounded by lush forests that lend it a fantastical appearance. It’s natural that Bend residents would want to maintain the picturesque environment, and many are turning to green energy solutions to do so. Solar panels, in particular, have become a popular method for homeowners in Bend to simultaneously save the environment and money.

If you’re looking for solar installers in Bend for similar reasons, here are a few things to consider so you can make the best choice.

Researching Solar Installers in Bend

When you first set out to find a solar installation company, you’ll want to research how communicative and professional the it is. Find pictures of their work to get an idea of what a finished installation will look like, using social media and business profiles for each solar installer you’re considering. Those should have a selection of images from both the company and its customers, which will give you a good sample size of the finished work.

Here are some other things to keep track of when finding a solar energy contractor in Bend:

Check Their Credentials It’s crucial that they’re licensed, insured, and certified by reputable organizations. Look at their online reviews and ratings to see if previous clients had a positive experience.
Assess the Installer’s Experience Has the installer designed similar solar systems before? Check their track record and ask for references. A reputable installer will happily provide references.
Customer Service Is Key A good installer should be responsive to your questions and concerns. Choose an installer who values your satisfaction and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with their service.

Cost of Solar Installation in Bend

There are a lot of variables when it comes to determining the cost of a solar installation in Bend, as factors such as the quality of components, system size, and the installer’s skill can all cause the price tag to rise or fall. You’ll also need to know if your roof meets certain requirements before you can have a solar system installed. Purelight’s roof qualification survey takes about 30 seconds and will let you know if your home is a fit for solar.

Montana Roof Qualification CTA

Once you know if your roof qualifies for solar panels, you can start receiving quotes from solar energy contractors to determine the approximate cost you’ll pay for the system. The cost can be a bit deceiving, as there are a number of solar incentives available that will help Bend residents mitigate the cost of their new solar system.

Solar Incentives in Bend

A solar installation company should be able to tell you about the incentives that are available to you before you commit to added  system. Fundamentally, your installer should be an honest, authoritative resource for any questions you have about solar panels, so be sure to ask about the following incentive programs and providers early on in the process:

  • Investment Tax Credit: You can save money by installing solar panels on your home with the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The tax credit gives individuals 30% off the cost of their solar panel system, which has helped thousands of Americans switch to clean energy without overspending.
  • Energy Trust of Oregon: The Energy Trust of Oregon offers a variety of rebates and programs that help homeowners offset the cost of residential solar installation. Check the organization’s website to see which programs are available to you.
  • Net Metering: Net Metering allows a solar system owner to receive a credit for the excess power their home generates, which is returned to the power grid. These credits are a significant contributor to the savings associated with solar systems.

Of course, incentive programs are subject to change; they’re at the mercy of litigation and legal challenges. However, there’s been a focus on providing affordable green energy solutions to Americans at both a state and federal level in recent years, so there should be plenty of options for lowering your system cost indefinitely.

Choosing a Solar Energy Contractor in Bend

Once you’re done researching all of this information, it’s time to choose a solar energy contractor to complete the installation. Typically local installers will know the lay of the land the best, so start there if you’re unsure who to choose. Remember the critical signals of quality: customer service, credentials, and experience. It’s also wise to get a few quotes before you finalize any plans.

At Purelight, we pride ourselves on fast, efficient installs that get you the best possible solar system with as little fuss as possible. With our dedicated team of experts, we provide industry-leading customer service and expertise, so you can rest assured that you’re solar system is in safe hands. If you’d like to know more, contact us today to get a free solar system design.

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