Clean Energy Savings for Oregon Homeowners

by | Jan 31, 2022

Want to avoid rate hikes from utility companies like PGE that can cost you hundreds each year? Solar that generates clean, renewable energy right at home could be your answer.

If you have a new year’s resolution towards saving money this year, you’re in good company. Since January is financial wellness month, it’s a great time to consider our financial habits and make changes to help us head towards better financial security and sustainability.

But not everyone is taking fiscal responsibility seriously. As our beautiful state continues to recover from the last two fire seasons that saw wide swaths of forests and many homes destroyed, some utility companies are looking to pass on the cost of upgrading aging energy grids to homeowners.

Don’t want to be stuck holding the bill? Purelight Power is here to help.

Continue reading to find out how you can switch to home solar, save money, and have the energy independence of generating your own electricity.

Clean energy savings in Oregon.

Energy You Own Means Savings

Can solar really save you money, considering the cost of a solar energy system? According to SolarReviews.com, the answer is a resounding yes! Estimations for savings from going solar in Oregon show that homeowners can see a return on their investment tottaling $30-40,000, after taking the full cost of a solar energy system into account.

Right now, you can lower the cost of switching to solar and see even more of a return with the Solar Tax Investment Credit. Easily claimed on your income taxes, the Solar Tax Investment Credit can save you 26% of the total cost of your solar installation.

While that may not sound like much, for a home solar energy system that costs $23,000 that’s a savings of $5,980!

But does solar save you money compared to continuing to rent your power from a utility company? Let’s look at some numbers related to that question.

The average homeowner in Oregon pays around $102 for electricity, and another $77 for natural gas each month, for a total of average utility costs of $179 a month. With the most recent and proposed rate hikes for Oregon homeowners varying between 1.6% to 6.9%, and some natural gas companies in the state are hiking rates by 10%.

When you rent your power from a utility company, you have no choice but to agree to pay the increased rates every year. So that $1,224 you pay each year for electricity increases to $1,309, and your gas bill rises from $924 a year to $1,016. And that’s just one year’s increase!

Over time those rate hikes steal more and more of your hard earned income. Especially when power companies try to make homeowners pay for the cost of belated grid updates.

But when you go solar with Purelight Power, you can save money on day one with $0 down solar. With a locked-in payment that is the same (or less) than your current power bill, you’ll save now, and see your savings grow every year.

Clearly, solar can help you have a healthier wallet, but did you know it can also help you have a healthier home?

Solar savings in Oregon call to action

Better Energy for Your Home and Wallet

Most Oregonians assume their electricity is coming from our state’s well-known hydroelectric dams.

But that’s not precisely true. In 2021, 1,810 thousand MWh (megawatt hours) of the electricity generated in Oregon came from natural gas. That’s more than the electricity generated by hydroelectric by 40 thousand MWhs.

Likewise, a surprising number of homes in Oregon use natural gas as a primary energy source in their homes. While natural gas is currently a tiny bit less expensive than other options for rented power, it comes with some hidden costs.

According to a report from Rocky Mountain Institute, using natural gas in the home for something as simple as cooking can cause Nitrogen Dioxide levels in your home to exceed safe levels. High levels of NO2 can lead to health issues affecting your lungs, heart, and even brain.

Between the rising costs of natural gas, and studies showing the harmful effects natural gas use in the home has on our health, it’s clear that if you want a robust bank account and healthy home, truly renewable electricity is the way to go.

Oregon Clean Energy Savings

Switch to Solar and Save from Day One

Ready for clean renewable energy and savings? Switching to solar is simple and affordable with a professional and local company like Purelight Power.

With Purelight’s $0 down program, you can go solar today and see the savings start your first month! The catch? Not every roof qualifies for this program.

Find out if your roof qualifies today with a 30 second survey!

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