Save More in Oregon with Electric Vehicles

Save More in Oregon with Electric Vehicles

Gas prices are continuing to rise across Oregon, leaving drivers across the state left looking for ways to be more in control of expenses. The good news? Drivers in Oregon can tap into the growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Oregonian homeowners interested in switching to an electric or hybrid car can save even more at the pump by coupling their new car with solar.

Keep reading as we take a look at what’s next for electric vehicles in Oregon.

Electric Vehicles in Oregon

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in Oregon by the day!

At the rate of current purchases, it’s projected that by 2035 almost half of all new car sales will end up being electric in the U.S. 

What does that look like specifically for Oregon? As of January, 2022, Oregon had over 47,390 registered vehicles! Specifically, in Oregon electric vehicles are becoming more prominent, and already make up 3.32% of all vehicle sales as of 2019. With that electric cars are actually three times cheaper than gasoline fuel. 

With the way the world is going Oregon sees the value in Oregonians making the switch to clean, electric vehicles, and provides up to $7,500 tax credit for an electric vehicle. 

Oregonians Save with Electric Car Rebates

Still need more to entice you to ditch that gas guzzling car?

With the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, drivers across the country can purchase certain electric vehicles and receive thousands back in incentives.

For Oregon homeowners who are thinking about the possibility of an electric vehicle, they may be able to qualify for a rebate up to $15,000

The Federal electric vehicle tax credit is applicable for all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that are purchased in or after 2010 which meet certain standards. 

So how do you make sure you can claim this incentive? Here are a couple of things that you need to know!

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How To Qualify for the Electric Vehicle Rebate

This latest rebate is meant to incentivize domestic manufacturing to increase how batteries mined and developed in North America. That focus is part of a larger attempt to minimize our  dependency on overseas supply.

So how can you receive that enticing $7,500 in tax credit for an electric vehicle? In order to qualify your electric vehicle must have a battery that was mined and built in North America. 

Specifically, the car’s battery has to be made up of 40% of North America metals. Here’s a list of cars that are already cleared to qualify for the rebate.

More Savings with Oregon Solar and Electric Cars

If you feel set on getting an electric vehicle and wanting to do more to reduce your carbon footprint and gain even more savings than what you would get with an electric car. Solar is another great investment to look for. 

With solar Oregonians can start taking control of your power and wallet. The whole goal of solar is to wipe out your current power bill and replace that with a lower flat payment that would never go up so with that, you would be saving. 

Need help from your local solar expert to walk you through the ins and out of solar and make it an easy process? Purelight Power can build a system that includes the charging your electric vehicle to make the most of your solar system! 

For most homeowners, investing in solar and an electric car just doesn’t feel plausible. Both are pretty large investments, after all. But by claiming the electric vehicle rebate AND the Solar Investment Tax Credit, you can save tens of thousands.

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