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Here’s How Much Your PGE Bill Payment Is Increasing in 2024

by | Jan 12, 2024

PGE is hitting customers with its largest electricity bill increase in two decades. The bad news: The change is going to hurt your wallet. The good news: There’s something you can do about it. If your PGE bill payment gives you sticker shock, here’s how to lower costs and take back control.

Is PGE Raising Rates in 2024?

Yes, PGE is raising rates by 18% in 2024. The rate hike is the highest the electricity provider has imposed in two decades. It’s a significant increase for the residents already wrestling with inflation.

The Oregon Public Utility Commission approved the change in late 2023, citing the need for infrastructure improvements. But it’s unlikely the funds are going to the grid if utility company-caused wildfires are anything to go by.

PGE wasn’t hurting for cash before the rate hikes, either. It increased its stock forecast after outperforming expectations in 2022, raising the question of why the company needs to pass the costs of grid improvements along to consumers in the first place.

Who Approves Electricity Bill Increases?

The Oregon Public Utility Commission approves utility rate increases. But, as John Oliver points out, the commission approves rate hikes for improvements and profit. Even though the PGE’s increase is under the veil of infrastructure improvements, that isn’t the entire picture. Worse, members of the Public Utility Commission aren’t voted in — the governor appoints them. Oregonians don’t have direct control over the approval.

How Can I Stop My PGE Bill From Increasing?

Energy independence is the only way to ensure a low monthly PGE bill payment. When you become energy-independent, you won’t rely on any utility provider for your electricity. You produce your own power and receive compensation for the electricity you over-produce. Your monthly bill plummets because you’re minimizing the power you purchase from PGE. Simply put, you save money and have more power (pun intended).

[su_box title=”What Is Energy Independence?” box_color=”#4AC1E0″ title_color=”#000000″] Energy independence is the ability to power your home with your own hardware rather than relying on an energy provider 24/7. The most common methods are solar, wind, and hydro energy. [/su_box]

How Do I Become Energy Independent?

To become energy independent, you have to own your home’s power source. There are a few ways to do that. You could use wind or hydropower, but the most reliable option is to install solar panels. The sun is the most powerful source of energy around, and we’ve got about 5 billion years before it burns out. If we harness it all, one second of the sun’s energy could power the planet for the next 300,000 years. Wind and hydro are great but lack the oomph that solar provides.

There’s plenty of solar energy to go around, but you need the tools to capture it. Those tools are more accessible than ever before, though. Solar panels have become less expensive, and tax credits can cover up to 30% of the total cost. It’s the easiest way to lower electricity bills each month. You’ll save thousands of dollars, improving your long-term and short-term financial outlook.

Finding a Home Solar Installer

If you want to regain control of your electricity bills, contact a local home solar installer. Look for companies that have a strong local presence and a large number of positive reviews. Choose a company that excels at communication and customer service. Home visits are vital to solar installations, and a miscommunication can cause delays. It’s also good to pick an installer who takes the time to answer your questions about solar energy. They’ll help you get the most out of energy independence.

At Purelight Power, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners lower their bills. Our reputation as a top solar installer is important to us, so you’ll always receive excellent communication and customer service. Americans deserve to own their power, and we’re dedicated to making that the norm. Contact us If you want to see how home solar can help you.

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