Helping Homeowners Harness Solar and Clean Energy in Oregon

Helping Homeowners Harness Solar and Clean Energy in Oregon

Did you know that more than 18,000 homeowners in Oregon already power their homes using clean, renewable energy?

Oregon might not seem like the ideal location for rooftop solar. But with temperate year round weather, an average of 214 days of sun each year, and a strong net metering policy, Oregon is sort of perfect for solar.

Homeowners across the state who go solar can even save upwards of $20,000 over the lifetime of their solar energy system!

Which is why Purelight was founded right here in Oregon: to help homeowners like you go solar affordably and simply. Keep reading to hear from one of those homeowners about their experience making the switch to solar with Purelight Power.

Part of the Purelight Family: Judy P

By the time Judy made the switch to solar, she’d been dreaming about using the sun to power her home for years. An elementary school teacher for most of her career, Judy found herself drawn to the idea of home solar while teaching her students science lessons on environmental stewardship and the natural world.

But it wasn’t until a few years ago that Judy was ready to move forward with rooftop solar.

After moving back to Southern Oregon, she was at a meeting with her city council where a solar company presented on the benefits of going solar now. Between net metering and other tax incentives, it seemed like a great time to move forward with her goal of energy independence.

Unfortunately, the first company Judy approached to install solar only offered an old fashioned payment option, where homeowners have to pay tens of thousands up front to own a solar system.

That wasn’t ideal for Judy, so she decided to wait just a little longer.

Professional rooftop solar is safe and saves money


Why Judy Chose to go Solar with Purelight

A short while after deciding not to move forward with the first company she reached out to, Judy saw a post on her friend’s Facebook page. It talked about her friend’s experience switching to solar affordably, and a great, easy installation experience. Intrigued, Judy reached out to the company her friend had worked with to go solar.

Soon enough, Judy was speaking with a Purelight Power consultant at her home.

The conversation left Judy feeling great about moving forward with her solar dream. The consultant was professional, answered all her questions, and made her feel comfortable. Plus, the monthly savings she’d be getting with a solar energy system designed for her home weren’t too shabby either.

As her project moved along, Judy had that feeling her consultant gave her affirmed again and again. The team at Purelight kept her in the loop and answered any and all questions as they came up.

Installation day quickly arrived. Along with 109 degree weather. But true to Purelight’s commitment to provide world-class customer service, the team arrived as they said they would, and got to work. Despite the heat, Judy soon was the proud owner of a home solar system.

Recalling the day her system was installed, Judy said, “I felt so bad because it was just so hot, I even offered them some lemonade! But they were wonderful. Friendly and professional, and left my yard and roof just as clean as before.”

So is Judy happy with her investment?

Judy Saves with Solar

“I love having solar!” Judy said when we spoke. “It feels good knowing I’m doing my part to help the environment.”

A ceramics artist with goals of a home studio, Judy worked with the team at Purelight to design her system to allow for an ample energy production offset. The design took her studio and art into account, and fits into her plan to go all electric at home.

Now the goal is to move her whole kitchen from natural gas to electric, and see even more savings as she powers more of her home with solar.

But how much does Judy really save? When we spoke to her Judy told us that she saves about $100 a month on her energy bill each month. 

Even still being grid tied currently, she feels the savings are more than worth the investment. Especially knowing that having solar allows her to avoid the impact of rate hikes. One day, Judy hopes to be fully energy independent, but for now, having rooftop solar is a step in the right direction.

“I just love having solar. How cool it looks, the savings, feeling good about where I get my energy from. All of it.”

Ready to Be a Purelight Homeowner?

Want to love how you power your home? Going solar means saving every month AND being able to take advantage of the solar investment tax credit that now allows homeowners to recoup 30% of their costs.

Couple those savings with Purelight’s $0 down, nothing out of pocket program and you can save even more with solar.

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