• 11 Apr 2022

    Did you know some of your neighbors will be getting thousands more back on their tax returns this year? If your neighbors are one of the thousands who have made the switch to clean, renewable energy with solar at home, they’re probably saving on solar with the S...

  • 12 Jan 2022

    How would you like to save thousands AND install clean, renewable energy that you own on your roof? Until the end of 2022, homeowners in Oregon have three great ways to save money when they switch to solar and own their power. Some homeowners who have their solar ...

  • 07 Jan 2022

    Updated 3/6/2024: The Federal Solar Tax Credit is still instrumental in helping tax-liable homeowners save money on the transition to solar power. We've updated this guide with more information about the tax credit and some changes that have impacted it over the last...

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