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With $0 Down Solar You Can Harness the Sun’s Power

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Wipe Out Your Power Bill & Install Solar!

Ready to ditch MidAmerican and spiking power bill costs? When you go solar with a system designed for your home’s energy needs by Purelight, you can wipe out your power bill and save starting day one.
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$0 Down Upfront
Solar doesn’t have to mean wiping out your savings account. With Purelight Power’s $0 upfront program, you can invest in solar affordably. Energy independence and savings make a great pair for any Iowa homeowner.Solar doesn’t have to mean wiping out your savings account. With Purelight Power’s $0 upfront program, you can invest in solar affordably. Energy independence and savings make a great pair for any Iowa homeowner.
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Professional, Custom Solar
With professionally designed and installed solar, you can see up to 94% of your home’s energy generated right on your roof.
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Increase Home Value
From Gilbertville to Janesville, homeowners in the Waterloo area see their home’s value increase when they go solar.
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Zero Out of Pocket
Iowa Solar Program

Applications closing May 21st, 2024
  • Wipe out your power bill
  • Up to $40,000 in savings
  • ZERO out of pocket costs
  • $0 down payment


Takes only about 30 seconds

Solar Design & Installation Made Simple!

You can go solar at home in Waterloo with Purelight’s streamlined 4-step process.
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First, one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will stop by your house to go over some details and answer any questions you may have. We value your time and being invited into your home, and won’t use pushy sales tactics.

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Design & Savings Report

Once we know a little bit more about your home and energy needs, we’ll design a realistic rendering to show you how your roof would look with solar. During this step, we’ll also go over how much that system will produce, and the cost savings you’ll see.

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We do all the standing in line and paperwork for you, handling all permitting and managing your project. You can relax and get ready for the perks of solar at home.

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Our teams are local, not subcontractors, and professionally trained to install solar right the first time.

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Let Us Help You Save Money!

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Why Purelight for Solar Panel Installs in Waterloo?

We value every homeowner who goes solar with Purelight the way we would our neighbors. That includes great customer service from your first phone call with us, to warranties that last the life of your system.
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No one likes to feel misled or left in the dark. We strive to provide transparent and active communication. We won’t leave you wondering or confused.
Saving with solar shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we handle the complexities of your project, and let you just enjoy knowing you’re doing your part.
From Unirac to Enphase, we only use top of the line and guaranteed parts for your system. You can rest assured that your solar will keep the lights on and your home warm for decades to come.
25 Yr Performance Guarantee
You’ve invested in solar and deserve to reap the reward. If your system doesn’t produce power as outlined in your contract, or there’s an issue with part of the system, you’re covered for 25 years.
Power Production Guarantee
No need to worry whether or not your investment won’t last, we guarantee your system will produce as it’s designed to.
10 Yr Workmanship Guarantee
Your home, roof, and system are protected by a 10 year workmanship covering any work done during your installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not if it’s installed by a professional like Purelight. While it makes sense to feel wary about getting anything installed on your roof, solar is actually very low risk for any damage when installed properly. To make sure you feel confident in going solar, every Purelight Power system comes with a 10 year workmanship guarantee for all work done at installation as well.
You can turn solar into cold hard cash in your pocket in two ways. First, when you’re generating power right on your roof and wiping out your power bill, that means you’re not stuck paying steadily increasing rates from the utility company. Second, once you own your solar energy system outright, you have all that energy at home with no associated cost. Think what having your current power bill turned into cash could do for you!
While most weather in Iowa is beautiful, the state is no stranger to some intense storms. Solar is built to handle it. With solar energy systems designed, built, and installed to withstand weather including winds over 110 mph and hail falling at up to 50 mph, your system will pull through most any storm unscathed.
A key part of going solar is ensuring that your system is designed for your home’s energy needs. At Purelight, our friendly consultants will pop by for a quick conversation and gather some necessary information like your current energy usage, roof slope, and degree of shading so that we can design a system uniquely for your home.

We keep that process completely free so that we can do our due diligence and design your system right. Because we design each system newly each time, we can’t just tell you the cost based on something like square footage.

Solar can and does work on even an icy Iowa morning. Solar panels are designed to work in chilly weather down to well below freezing. Thanks to how efficient today’s solar panels are, you actually don’t have to have endless hours of sunny light to produce energy. Plus, with net metering legally protected in Iowa for homeowners, those longer summer days can become net metering credits to use in winter too!
Across Iowa, power companies continue to lobby Iowa to change net metering to be less beneficial to homeowners. Homeowners in Waterloo are already dealing with greedy power companies pushing rates up. But here’s the good news about net metering in Iowa and solar: even if the power companies get their way, existing solar systems are grandfathered in using the net metering policies that currently help save money. Another reason to make the switch to solar now is to make sure you don’t miss out on the net metering savings.
Switch to Solar Today & Save!

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Top-Rated Solar Panel Installation Company

Christopher Griesemer
Christopher Griesemer
Knowledgeable company that keeps you informed throughout the entire process. Professional and courteous in all areas. Highly recommend.
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett
Ethan, full of knowledge and help. Thank you
Jase Daggett
Jase Daggett
Newest Review (4-star, Feb 3 2024): After a couple more years, it seems that Purelight had a change of heart. THEY reached out to US letting us know that after an internal audit, our installation was not up to their standards (we apparently hired them when they were a ~2 month old company, and "things were more hectic back then"). So, now that they've "grown up" a bit, they've recognized we needed to be made whole. They came out and did a ton of work free of charge to tidy up their books and make us happy customers. Worthy of 5 stars, but knocked down a star for taking them 4 years to make amends. Second Review (1-star, 2021): The first year was very promising, but after a couple years we started realizing the system was not offsetting as much power as was promised. Turns out the salesman did the math wrong and sold us a system that only offsets ~70% of our power bill. Customer service doesn't care, saying we got what we paid for. No effort to make it right for us. Original Review (5-star, 2019): [Original review deleted, but it praised Purelight for the seamless installation & loan process]
Me Me
Me Me
Fast install. Quick on reply, and helpful with questions.
Kenny Taylor
Kenny Taylor
Purelight Power was great to work with, providing excellent service from start to finish. Their sales department was very patient and answered all of my questions. Install was quick and painless. They did a great job following up and making sure I had all the important info for the system. Would recommend.
Frank Rockwell
Frank Rockwell
All of the staff and workers have been friendly and informative, the quality of the work performed with the installation and follow-up afterwards has been excellent! I love the system.
David 'Bishop' Sanders
David 'Bishop' Sanders
Great crew and simple process!
matt berube
matt berube
Fun experience fast install! Super stoked!
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