Iowa Homeowners Save With Solar

Iowa Homeowners Save With Solar

Did you know that in Iowa solar has been installed 7,932 times already? That’s enough solar to power 60,071 homes! 

You might still wonder whether the Hawkeye state is ideal for investing in solar, especially given the winter and summer storms we have. With Iowa’s 200 sunny days on average every year, and the help of net metering with MidAmerican or Alliant, Iowa homeowners can sail through rainy days using power banked over a spring and sunny summer. 

Homeowners across Iowa are going solar to save money and join the clean energy movement! Purelight Power can help with local, experienced solar professionals.

Purelight has been installing solar for Iowans since early 2021, providing affordable solar to homeowners like you. But what is it really like going solar with Purelight?

Keep reading to hear from a fellow Iowan who made the switch to solar with Purelight Power.

Iowa Homeowner and Purelight Solar Owner: Nate C

Nate’s journey to solar was a long process that took about 4 years before he found the right solar installer. At first, Nate was just browsing, researching, and gathering information about solar. Recently, he got serious and focused his energy on finding the company with the best product, great service, and as he puts it, the best “bang for your buck.” 

Nate began seriously looking around at companies, researching what they offered and getting quotes for installation costs.

Nate knew he wanted to join the solar movement for the potential savings he could have from powering his home with clean, renewable energy. Especially since owning his power would mean not having to deal with fluctuating and rising rates from MidAmerican

Next to an aerial photo of a house with solar panels on the roof is a black box. Inside the box we see the words "does your roof qualify for solar?" above a button that reads "learn more."

Why This Iowa Homeowner Chose to Go with Purelight

While doing research, Nate called around to several solar companies and set up consultations to see what they had to offer. 

Soon Nate was talking with one of Purelight’s experienced and local consultants at his home. 

Nate noted the outstanding service he received when the consultant came out to his house. Each time Nate reached out to his consultant, they were ready to answer any questions. Regardless of whether Nate texted or called. 

“Our consultant was awesome. If I ever had a question to ask, I could call him or text him and he’d get right back to me. I remember one time he was out of town, and he texted me back after like five minutes, and it was like 7:00 at night there.” Nate said.

Coupled with the stellar customer service was the cost savings. Nate chose Purelight because of the financing options available, and a more affordable cost for solar installation than other companies he reached out to. 

After just 4 months being installed, Nate’s system has already been generating 101.93% of the energy his home needs. 

So does Nate feel his switch to solar was worth the investment?

Nate Loves His Solar

“Oh, we love it! It’s a huge weight off our shoulders!” Nate said when we spoke. “We don’t have to worry about that big electrical bill, especially with prices going up. And it’s a cool conversation starter with friends.”

How much does Nate actually save? With a system designed to offset his power bill from MidAmerican by 100% during days of full sun, Nate is already seeing savings of $65 on every power bill. As Iowa heads towards spring, those savings will start to grow.

Even before sunny summer weather, Nate knows the investment was worth the savings and increased control over his power bill.

“If you aren’t sure whether solar is worth the investment,” Nate says, “look into it and see what solar could do for you.” 

Ready to have solar savings of your own? 

Want to be like this Iowa homeowner and have solar you own? You can make the switch to affordable solar and save every month, while lowering your environmental impact. 

Take advantage of the 26% federal tax incentive before it drops at the end of 2022, and go solar now!.

Check to see if your roof qualifies with a simple 30 second survey!

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