Why Iowa Homeowners Love Solar from Purelight

Why Iowa Homeowners Love Solar from Purelight

Have you fallen in love yet? Iowa homeowners who made the switch to solar adore saving with clean, renewable energy. 

Unlike when you rent your energy, solar allows homeowners in Iowa to have energy independence. That means they avoid climbing prices and power bills that fluctuate throughout the year. 

With solar you can start taking control of your wallet by using the sun to produce clean, renewable energy. Sick and tired of not having control over your monthly bill while renting your power with MidAmerican or Alliant?

Many homeowners in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Ankeny already love having solar and making use of an average of 200 sunny days each year! 

Want to be one of them? Purelight can make your switch to solar even easier with our $0 out of pocket program. Keep reading to learn why many of your neighbors love having clean, renewable, and affordable energy at home. 

Solar Can Be Simple

After hundreds of solar installations in Iowa, we know how important it is to have the switch to solar be as easy and as stress free as possible. This is why we partner with each homeowner and work to make their move to solar as seamless as possible from day one with our simple 4 step process. 

Consultation: Our consultants sit down in a no-pressure conversation with you to answer all your questions, and show you how much switching to solar can save. You get to decide whether the switch makes sense for you, no pushiness.

Design & Savings Report: a realistic 3D model of your house with your system on it shows you exactly how solar will look on your roof. We’ll make sure you understand how your system is designed to maximize energy production, and the monthly savings that come along with it. 

Permitting: We save you from extra stress and take care of everything from inspections, permitting, to connecting with professionals for any work needed to get your home ready. Your team is available throughout your project to answer any questions you have.

Installation: Our experienced, local installers know residential solar for Iowa’s weather and climate. They’ll make sure your solar energy system is installed right the first time, and ready to handle the next 25 years in Iowa. Once installed, we show you how to monitor your panels so you can feel confident in having home solar.

But every company makes the claim that they make processes as easy and stress free as possible, don’t they?

We want you to hear directly from our customers about their experiences with us:

“Outstanding experience from initial contact, to design, to install, to beginning my own solar energy production. Purelight took care of ALL the details and made the entire process fun, painless, and profitable. I highly recommend this company!” (Robert S)

“Purelight Power was amazing to work with! From the no pressure sales meeting, expert information and guidance, to the install, and follow up. They ensured we had a positive experience throughout. Hands down, I have and will continue to recommend Purelight Power for those who are considering private power generation. It could NOT be any easier.” (Lisa I)

On a sunny blue background the words $0 down $0 out of pocket solar are written above a button that reads: qualify now. If you click on the graphic, it takes you to a form to fill out to see if your roof qualifies for home solar.

Support from Solar Experts = Stress Free Solar

When you go solar with Purelight Power, you have local and experienced solar experts to help you understand every step of the process. You’ll notice the difference from day one as our knowledgeable consultants answer any questions you may have, to the whole department we have dedicated to post-installation support. 

Unlike other installers who might not go the extra mile, we’re not afraid of trying a little harder to make a homeowner’s solar dreams a reality. Like when we helped homeowner Mahesh C:

“I spoke to 2 other companies before them and they all said they couldn’t do anything for my area of Carlisle, Iowa, but with Purelight Power when the sales guy said, ‘don’t worry we’ll figure it out, no hill to steep’ I knew I was in good hands. I got my solar, the only hangup was with the city of Carlisle, but they were troopers and pushed through it with me.”

Worried you’ll get ghosted once your solar is up and running? Don’t be. We’ll still be here for you even after installation, ready to help with any additional questions you may have about your solar system or if any problems arise.

“Purelight has been in contact with us throughout the entire process, and came back and did a visual inspection with MidAmerican all while I was out doing what I had to do. Definitely would recommend them for any of your solar needs.” (Cody B)

You’ll Love Saving with Solar

Purelight does more than just provide homeowners with access to experienced and local solar professionals. We’re dedicated to making the switch to solar more affordable. Our zero down program coupled with net metering, the solar investment tax credit, and Purelight’s trio of outstanding warranties make a solar installation experience you can fall head over heels for. 

Let’s go over each part of this quartet of solar savings opportunities: 

With our zero out of pocket program you can switch to solar and usually pay the same or less than the power bill you already have. Because we design a system meant to offset your power usage, you replace your power bill with the payment towards owning your system. You can start saving from day one and affordably make the switch to solar. No need to wipe out your bank account to pay for solar when you can wipe out your power bill instead.

Net metering allows homeowners in the Hawkeye state to receive a credit for any excess energy their solar produces. Net metering works by feeding that excess energy back onto the grid, and you get a credit for producing power locally. On cloudy days when solar doesn’t produce as much electricity you have credit covers any electricity you might pull from the grid to supplement your solar.

But we’re not done showering you with ways to save. You can see a huge return on your investment soon after with the 26% federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This tax credit is claimed on your income taxes for the year you get solar installed, but you need to take advantage of the credit while it’s still at 26% before it decreases to 22% in 2023.

Rounding out the savings, and making sure you feel comfortable with your investment, are a 25 Year Performance Guarantee, 20 Year Panel Warranty, and 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee.

Text over an aerial photo of a house with solar on the roof reads "Quick, easy and affordable. The savings we have gotten have made a huge difference in our energy costs.” - Josh T"

Break Up with Greedy Utility Companies 

Everyone deserves to be happy and love every part of their home, including how they power it. Purelight can help you break up with the greedy utility companies, and start saving with clean, renewable energy.

Ready to fall for solar? Take a quick 30 second survey to see if your roof qualifies.

As your top-rated local solar company in Iowa, Purelight Power is here to maximize solar savings for you and your home!

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