St. Louis Residential Solar Tax Credit

St. Louis Residential Solar Tax Credit

The adoption of solar energy for homeowners has been rising significantly recently, and for good reason. With various environmental benefits, as well as state & federal tax incentives available to encourage the adoption of solar energy, including the residential solar tax credit in St. Louis, Missouri. No wonder homeowners like you are switching to solar in droves!

The residential solar tax credit inĀ  allows homeowners like you who install solar on their homes to claim a credit on their federal return. This credit equals 30% of the cost of the solar system. So, for example, if the total cost of a system installed on your residential property in St. Louis is $32,000, you can claim a credit of $9,600 on your federal tax return.

Purelight Power is a solar installation company in Missouri that helps homeowners like you transition to solar. The company’s team of experts will assess your home’s energy needs and suitability for solar, considering factors such as the size, roof, the local climate, and the amount of sunshine in your area. Based on this assessment, Purelight Power will design a customized system to meet your home’s energy needs.

Professional rooftop solar is safe and saves money

The team at Purelight Power makes installing solar in St. Louis simple with a 4-step process. Consultation, Design, Permitting, and Installation. Making your transition to solar as simple and worry-free as possible. They will also assist with the enrollment for net metering, if applicable. Net metering allows homeowners like you to sell excess electricity generated by your solar panel system back to the grid, further offsetting the cost of your electricity bills.

In addition to the residential solar tax credit, other incentives are available for homeowners in St. Louis. These include Missouri state tax credits, utility rebates, and financing options. The team at Purelight Power can help you navigate these incentives and determine which ones you are eligible for.

After your system is installed and running, Purelight Power will provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure it is functioning at its optimal level. In addition, the company’s team is available to answer any questions and provide support throughout the process.

Going solar with Purelight Power can bring numerous benefits to homeowners in St. Louis like you. It can save money on electricity bills, protect against rising energy costs, help reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your home. Ready to take the next step? Set up a free, no-obligation estimate today.

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