Affordable Home Solar Arrives in Helena

Affordable Home Solar Arrives in Helena

Purelight Power Expands to Serve More Montana Homeowners

Purelight Power, Montana’s top-rated solar installation company, is bringing affordable solar energy to the community of Helena, Montana starting August 22nd. 

“After seeing how many homeowners in Billings and Bozeman were able to wipe out their power bill, we knew we wanted to expand to serve more of Montana as soon as possible.” said Purelight Power Co-Founder Dusty Wynn. “When we enter a market, our main goal is to educate and empower, helping homeowners learn how solar can help them save money, gain energy independence, and even raise the value of their homes.”

Originally founded in the neighboring state of Oregon, Purelight Power focuses on providing a local team of solar professionals to serve each community they work in. With every solar installation, the company includes a 25-year Parts and Production Guarantee and 10-year Workmanship Guarantee, for a stress-free experience. 

On a background divided between bright blue and white, we see the words "find out if your roof qualifies for $0 down solar" in white text. Below it is a white button with the words "learn more" in blue. Next to the text is a laptop with the screen showing an example of a home's roof with a solar array design, next to a solar savings report.

After opening their first location in Montana in late 2021, Purelight has installed over a megawatt of solar, and helped 120 homeowners in the high, wide and handsome state to go solar.

“We’re excited to provide more Montanans with an affordable, local option for energy independence.” Josh Smith, Purelight’s Regional Sales Manager said.

While some of the larger power companies in Montana have tried to limit homeowner’s access to vital programs like net metering which help make solar affordable, currently, homeowners are still able to make the switch to solar.

With a qualifying roof, Montana’s solar incentive program, and the solar tax credit offered by the Federal government, homeowners in the high, wide, and handsome state can make the switch to energy independence while recouping much of their investment almost immediately. 

Interested homeowners can read more about Purelight Power of Montana here, or call our local office at (406) 812-4200 to find out more.

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