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Owning an Electric Car in Montana: Charging 101

by | Oct 3, 2022

In Montana, the popularity of electric vehicles is rising as more drivers look for a way to beat high gas prices. 

Curious about how you could go electric and save? What if I told you that you could charge your vehicle in your house without having an outrageous power bill?

Continue reading as we discuss the different types of charging you can implement at your home, charging options for Montana, and how you could make the most out of the switch to an electric vehicle in Montana. 

Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Montanans looking to buy an electric vehicle will likely want to charge their vehicles conveniently at home.

But, partly because of Montana’s climate, electric vehicles are only just now becoming a choice for drivers across Montana. With any knew technology, it’s normal to have questions about how everything works.

It’s difficult to know which charger would work the best for you and your car. To help you get a grasp on what will work for you, let’s take a look at this quick overview of the 3 types of electric car charging stations available in  Montana. 

Level 1 Charger:

This is the standard vehicle that usually comes with your vehicle. This type of charger doesn’t require special installation since all you have to do is plug the charger into your 120-volt outlet (standard outlet)!

Because it can be used at any home, a level 1 electric car charger is an ideal choice for homeowners in Montana. 

Level 2 Charger:

The level 2 charger uses 240 volts, which is what ovens and dryers normally use. S0 some Montana homeowners have the set up to use this type of charger automatically, but since the standard outlet is designed for 120 volts, this one usually requires a special installation

Installing this type of charger requires a lot of technical work. Although more expensive the best option to do is to hire a professional installer which on average costs about $200-$1,200.

On a background divided between bright blue and white, we see the words "find out if your roof qualifies for $0 down solar" in white text. Below it is a white button with the words "learn more" in blue. Next to the text is a laptop with the screen showing an example of a home's roof with a solar array design, next to a solar savings report.

Level 3 Charger:

Level 3 chargers are most commonly referred to as charging stations or “DC fast chargers.” If you’ve taken a lot of road trips lately, you’ve likely seen the rows of chargers at freeway rest areas. Any member of the public can use this type of charger. 

So long as their vehicle is compatible with a fast charger, you can get up to 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes. 

Unfortunately, these chargers are not compatible with all-electric vehicles.  So if you intend to rely on this type of charger, make sure that your car can use these before purchasing.

With these chargers there’s also a cost or a fee that can be charged per minute, a monthly flat fee, or both.

Electric Car Charging Stations and Solar in Montana

When you invest in an electric vehicle, there are many advantages to also investing in home solar. Particularly when it comes to saving money.

Given that drivers in the high, wide, and handsome state likely need a full charge on their vehicles regularly, it’s fair to be concerned about the cost of charging your car at home.

Besides just saving you money on your home’s energy bill, a solar system can be designed to help keep the costs low for charging your electric vehicle at home in Montana.

Purelight can take your electric car into account when we design your system. That way your expected energy usage increase from charging your car can be covered by solar.

You can power your home, keep your car charged, and still save every month. 

Best of all, the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act gives homeowners more ways than ever to save even more money by getting an energy-efficient home and car.

If you’ve been considering the investment in an electric car or solar, now is the time.

Purelight Helps You Own Your Power!

Save more with an at-home electric charger in Montana and solar. 

Purelight Power can meet your energy needs with a system designed to wipe out your power bill!  

A quick 60-second survey will tell you if your roof qualifies for Purelight’s $0 down solar program.

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