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Save More With Electric Vehicles and Solar

by | Aug 1, 2022

As gas prices continue to rise almost every driver is looking for ways to minimize the damage a tank of gas causes their wallet. One option that’s experiencing rising popularity are electric and hybrid vehicles.

Especially for homeowners looking to go solar, electric and hybrid vehicles can mean spending less at the pump and saving more each year.

Continue reading as we’ll look at the rising popularity of electric vehicles, and how you can tap into renewable energy to maximize your savings. 

Electric Vehicles in Oregon, Montana, and Iowa

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular by the day! In just the first quarter of 2022, 200,000 electric cars have already been sold. At this rate, it’s projected that by 2035 almost half of all new car sales will end up being electric in the U.S. 

What does that look like in states like Oregon, Iowa, and Montana?

As of January, 2022, Oregon had over 47,390 registered vehicles! Iowa had 9,400 registered by April of 2022, with plans to pump funding into more infrastructure to support electrical vehicles across the state.  And in Montana, there are 1,850 electric and hybrid vehicles.

The big question with electric vehicles most people have is how do you charge them. Across states like Oregon and Iowa, Departments of Transportation, and even some city councils, are looking at ways to invest in electric highways, where charging stations are available up and down main freeways.

This should make having an electric car more accessible to everyone, since figuring out where and how to charge their car won’t be a problem.

For homeowners, there’s also the choice to have a charging station in the convenience of their own home. The reality of installing an EV charging station is that it will increase your electricity consumption. But with solar, you could use this to your advantage and take control of your power bill.

Next to an aerial shot of a home with solar panels on its roof, in a lush valley near a forest, we see a black background. On the background are the words "be green, save green." The word green is in a grassy green color. Below that are the words "with home solar" in bright blue. At the bottom of the black background is a bright blue button with the words "save now" in white.

Using Solar with Electric Vehicles

With solar the whole goal is to wipe out your current power bill and replace it with a lower flat payment that never goes up so you would be saving.

If you have or are looking to invest in an electric vehicle, a professional solar installation company like Purelight Power can build your system with that usage included when we are building your system. That way, charging your car works with your solar, and your power bill remains low. 

For most homeowners, investing in solar and an electric car just doesn’t feel plausible. Both are pretty large investments, after all.

However, as the US heads towards its zero carbon energy goal, homeowners and car owners can actually achieve credits and incentives to make the switch to these dreams more of a reality!

Solar ITC & Electric Vehicle Rebates

Residential solar can save homeowners upwards of 90% on one of their electric bills. Even better, right now the Solar Investment Tax Credit can help homeowners save even more money on the entire cost of the system until the end of 2022 by recouping 26% of the cost of your installation.

For homeowners in Oregon and Montana, there are also additional state incentives that you would be entitled to acquire depending on the system size, county, etc. 

If you’re planning to purchase an electric car in Oregon, as part of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program Oregon drivers who purchase or lease electric vehicles can receive a non-tax rebate worth up to $5,000. 

While Montana recently repealed their lone alternative fuel credit program for vehicles, the state still offers a generous property tax exemption for solar installations for 10 years.

Maximize Savings with Purelight 

If you’re looking for a way to save more money, decrease your impact on the environment, or both, EVs and solar are two great options to consider.

Stay local and work with a team of solar professionals who live and work where you do, while saving more!

Take a 60 second survey today to find out if your roof qualifies for Purelight’s $0 down program.

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