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Save with Solar Every Day

Save with Solar Every Day

by | Mar 25, 2022

On March 26th, 2022, #EarthHour turns fifteen. Originally started in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund, the event gives everyone across the globe a moment to pause and consider their impact on not just wildlife, but the environment as a whole.

Homeowners looking to go solar have a lot of reasons they’re considering energy independence, like wanting to save on their electric bill and avoid gouging rate hikes from power companies. Of course, solar comes with another bonus: it means you’re guaranteed that your power is coming from a clean, renewable source.

While Earth Hour asks folks to turn off their lights for an hour, often coinciding with community events outside, solar encourages homeowners to go further.

With solar, you can go beyond just an hour of a single day. You can have clean, renewable energy year round.

Why Are Homeowners Installing Solar

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the reasons homeowners trade in renting power from utility companies to owning their power with solar at home.

For homeowners across the country, they’re seeing their electric rates rise every year. In 2021, in part due to inflation, the electricity rates rose faster than they have in the last thirteen years! Those rate hikes turn into homeowners losing out on their hard earned dollars.

It’s not just electricity rates either. For years, homeowners who used natural gas for heating, cooking, and drying clothes felt secure in knowing they had an inexpensive source for that energy. But in the last few years, natural gas prices were steadily rising, until autumn of 2021 when they spiked by 30%.

So what are homeowners across the country to do?

Solar is fast becoming a popular option for homeowners looking to secure their energy independence and save on energy. It’s not hard to see why with incentives to help homeowners save more on solar this year.

Like the Solar Investment Tax Credit, which allows homeowners to recoup 26% of the cost of their solar installation, and states like Iowa, Oregon, and Montana waiving certain taxes for rooftop solar power.

But saving on their energy bills aren’t the only reasons homeowners go solar.

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With Solar You Can Go Beyond the Hour

For homeowners who want a home that is not only energy-independent, but energy-efficient, solar is often the most accessible choice. As the U.S. heads towards the 2035 carbon free goal, many new energy generation technologies are being deployed. 

But while wind, wave, and even more efficient hydro energy are great for utility scale power, solar is the really the only option for most homeowners looking to own their power and generate at home.

Which isn’t a bad thing! Solar is incredibly efficient. Even with the manufacturing of a solar panel taken into account, the carbon emissions associated with energy from solar are about 83% lower than coal and natural gas.

When a homeowner makes the switch to clean, renewable energy at home, they save money and get the reward of knowing they’ve minimized their carbon footprint. How much of an impact does going solar have?

Quite a bit. In the United States, energy generated through traditional methods of burning coal, natural gas, and other carbon emitting sources accounted for 1,448 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2020.

Just think how much of an impact it would be if every home had their own solar power system generating solar right on the roof!

Purelight Helps You Save More

Whether your goal is saving money, saving the planet, or both, consider going solar.

With a solar energy system designed for your home and unique energy needs from Purelight, you can wipe out your power bill and save on day one!

Find out now if your roof qualifies for hassle-free, $0 out of pocket solar today!