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Top 3 Reasons Tesla Solar Might Not Be Your Best Choice

by | Jul 8, 2022

From cars and car chargers, to solar roofs and batteries, if you’re a homeowner interested in going solar it’s likely that you’ve at least heard the name Tesla.

While big, national companies like Tesla and Sunrun are some of the older players in the solar industry, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best choice for every homeowner.

So how can you tell if Tesla is the best solar option for your home, or if you should look into a more local, or specialized company? Keep reading as we answer that question.

#1: You’re Working With a Limited Budget

Tesla solar definitely isn’t the most economic choice for homeowners looking to invest in solar. And because the company also wants to sell its battery banks alongside their solar installations, you might be looking at an additional cost that would otherwise be avoided with a grid-tied system and net metering.

Whether you’re looking for a solar roof, or just normal solar panels, a Tesla system tends to start around $25,000+. Add in the recent price hike the company implemented in 2021, many options run anywhere from $50,000 – $150,000 or more.

While Tesla has long had the reputation as the best solar panel out there, the reality is that for the majority of homeowners you can get more bang for your buck and the same quality with panels from another company.

#2: You Want Local and Timely Post-Installation Support

A great part about solar is that it’s extremely low maintenance. After your system is installed, cleaning it is as easy as spraying the panels to remove debris.

The one common pain point homeowners with solar may encounter is with monitoring. 

If a particularly bad storm or power surge knocks out an inverter, or one of the panels installed begins malfunctioning, you’ll need the company that installed your system to run a diagnostic, and make any necessary repairs.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Tesla has managed their customer service quite as well as their brand. Across sites like SolarReviews and Yelp, there are multiple complaints about non-responsive, rude, and unclear customer support.

next to an aerial view of a home with solar installed on the roof is a black background with the words "Does your roof qualify for solar?" in white and blue text. Below the text, on a blue button is white text that reads "learn more"

Business Insider even published a piece looking at how customers ran into unexpected price increases after contracts were signed, long waits for installation to actually happen, mismanaged projects, and lack of communication from the company’s customer service.

Because smaller companies have to prioritize their customers, and because they’re actually part of your community and you can get direct contact with them. If you’re not a very tech savvy person, local is likely a better choice. 

Much easier to make sure you get the support and assistance you need when you can walk into the solar installer’s office, or know your installation team lead’s name and phone number.

#3: Home Safety is a Top Priority

The idea of putting a system that generates electricity, and can heat up to well over 100 degrees on your roof can definitely feel risky. But when properly installed, with quality materials, solar panel arrays have a very low risk of fire due to malfunction or overheating.

However, if the system installed is one installed by a company currently under investigation by the SEC for not disclosing faulty parts, that’s a legitimate concern. 

It turns out that for several years now, the company has been aware of issues with solar panel arrays having an increased risk of fire and danger to users (homeowners) due to faulty parts. That includes a complaint by Walmart after seven of their stores had roofs catch on fires due to faulty solar arrays.

How to Choose the Best Solar Installation Company

When deciding on who to trust with a large investment like going solar, it makes sense to take your time and do a bit of research.

As we’ve written in our in-depth blogs to help homeowners learn what to look out for, and what is a green flag when choosing a reputable solar company, there are just a few key things to keep in mind:

• What do real homeowners say about their experiences?

• Do you consistently receive active and clear communication that answers all your questions when you chat with a company representative?

• Does the company have clear warranties, and provide active support pre-, during, and post-installation?

Feel comfortable and confident after answering each of these questions for the company you’re considering going solar with? You’re probably safe to start moving forward with the planning process.

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