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Here’s How Much Your Mission Valley Power Bill Payment Is Going Up

Here’s How Much Your Mission Valley Power Bill Payment Is Going Up

by | Jan 23, 2024

Mission Valley Power is raising its electricity prices. The change exacerbates the financial problems many Americans face as consumer goods prices soar. But Mission Valley customers aren’t powerless in the situation. Investing in affordable renewable energy sources keeps power bills locked in at a low rate, helping you maintain a low monthly payment. Here’s what you need to know.

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Is Mission Valley Power Raising Rates in 2024?

Yes, Mission Valley Power is raising rates by 18% in 2024. The increase equals hundreds more dollars that the utility company’s customers will have to fork over each year. That’s a lot of money, especially considering that inflation drove the cost of consumer goods up 8% in 2022. Meanwhile, Montana’s minimum wage increased only 3.5% (up from $9.95 to $10.30) on January 1, 2024.

Montan’s other major utility company, NorthWestern Energy, also imposed a rate increase for 2024. That increase was even more extreme, with the price jumping 28% higher. Without crossing the state border, it can seem impossible to avoid the rate increases. It begs the question of who gets the final say on whether the changes go through.

Who Approves Electricity Bill Increases?

The Montana Public Services Commission approves and denies rate increases. But those increases don’t necessarily have to be for improvements to the electrical grid. The commission can also approve the changes to grow a utility company’s profit margins. As  John Oliver points out in a report on utility companies, that creates plenty of opportunities for corruption. After all, Montanans don’t have a say in who is elected as a member of the Public Utility Commission. The governor appoints board members, stripping control from taxpayers.

[su_box title=”What Is Energy Independence?” box_color=”#4AC1E0″ title_color=”#000000″] Energy independence is the ability to power your home with your own hardware rather than relying on an energy provider 24/7. The most common methods are solar, wind, and hydro energy. [/su_box]

How Do You Become Energy Independent?

Installing solar panels is the most cost-effective way for the average American to become energy independent. While other options exist, they tend to be more expensive and cumbersome than installing roof-mounted solar panels. With solar, homeowners produce electricity to power their homes throughout the day. Excess power is sent back to the grid to power other buildings. Every time that power is sent to the grid, homeowners earn credits for their power bill via a process called Net Metering.

Alternatively, homeowners can install a solar battery that stores excess electricity. With a solar battery, homeowners will have a bank of power to pull from during outages. Regardless, you’ll need to find a solar installer to move forward.

How to Find a Solar Installation Company

To find a solar installer, check the reviews of local companies. You want to find options that earn praise for being customer-focused and communicative. It’s also a good idea to look for reviews with photos, as they’ll show you how panels look on most roofs. Once you’ve identified a good installer, give them a call to set up a consultation. The consultant will answer your questions about solar and get you set up for an in-person appointment.

At Purelight Power, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners lower their bills. Our reputation as a top solar installer is important to us, so you’ll always receive excellent communication and customer service. Americans deserve to own their power, and we’re dedicated to making that the norm. Contact us If you want to see how home solar can help you.